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Enjoy Your NSW School Holidays With Great Events

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Getting the best deals for your school holidays in New South Wales is easy if you know how and where to look. You will find some great deals in Sydney, the Central Coast, the Hunter Valley and parts of the Bay of Plenty. The summer can be a great time for travel throughout Australia. There are plenty of activities that parents can choose from to keep their children occupied during these long summer months. Parents may want to consider a short break from classes and home to enjoy the great outdoors for their kids as well.

When looking for the best deals for your NSW school holidays in New South Wales, consider the travel destinations that are open to you. School trips can be very affordable if you know where to look. Check with your local state board for the current list of approved courses and programs. Or, if you are looking for Friday 1, lunch return, then find the dates below represents official term days. Most of the courses that are currently open have been approved by the state board.

From October onwards all New South Wales public school holidays apply to the following courses and programs: Weddings, Funerals, Christenings, Births and Funerals, and Religious Programs. If you choose to apply for a new school holidays in spring break, summer holidays, or the summer, you must check with your state board for the current list of approved courses and programs. Then check the date(s) below represents official school term start date(s). For example, if you are looking for Friday 1, lunch return, then the date starts on Wednesdays. Spring break period starts on Thursday and runs until Sunday, so you would need to check the above information for each of the above holidays mentioned individually.

A few words about the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it’s one of the most beautiful structures in Australia, situated on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which is located on the northern end of the harbour bridge, and is the name of the road that runs under it. The Sydney Harbour Bridge separates the city of Sydney from the adjoining city of Brisbane. This is because Sydney is on the western side of the harbour bridge and Brisbane is on the eastern side. The bridge spans the Sydney Harbor and is a popular site for Sydney flights. If you don’t care for planes, you can walk the 2.5 miles between the bridges to get to the ferry that will take you to Brisbane.

To enjoy Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the best ways is to catch the ferry that can take you just about thirty minutes to an hour. Another great way to enjoy the spectacular views from the bridge is by taking a bike ride. The rate for bike rides on Sydney school holidays are very reasonable, and you can enjoy both the beauty of the city and the awesome views from across the harbor. Bike riding during your holiday in Sydney is one of the best ways to enjoy the fantastic views of the Harbour without having to pay to tour the city.

As for the other major events in the city, tickets for the NBA Basketball Conference Regular Season opener and the NBA playoff series should be purchased well in advance. There are also events such as the Sydney Festival, which runs from Thursday to Sunday, and features over one hundred events. In terms of entertainment at this wonderful festival, there are numerous live acts performing around the Sydney Harbor area as well as fireworks displays. The festival is ideal for family fun and is the only place in the city where you can see a free show.


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