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How Sunknowledge can Enhance your DME Billing Operation?

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Are you experiencing a labor shortage / crisis in managing your DME Billing? If so, you are not alone. According to a report of New York Times, workers are not looking to returned to their work station yet and the reasons are mostly due to – not having a generous employment package, fear of getting affected, experiencing better unemployment benefits more etc. And thus a large section of healthcare practices are facing challenges related to their billing and collection processes.

In fact, this problem is expected to be long term and not just a short term inconvenience.

Sunknowledge solutions – an efficient DME billing and collection solution :

Working for more than a decade long for both providers and payers, Sunknowledge Services Inc today have resolved numerous billing and collection issues for many leading names in the industry. Eliminating the costs for in- house billers and coders salaries, benefits, and other overheads cost which goes up every year, our experts provides complete standalone pre and post billing services at only $7 per hour.

Improving your DME billing performance with our experienced, trained staff and consistent management, we today maintain a precision level of 99.9%. In fact, the best part of working with us are:

We help in lessening your operational cost – helping in eliminating all the training costs, software preparation and installation fee, in-house wages and other employee perks which often cost a healthcare practice a huge amount of money. We deliver all this along with an excellent team of billers and coders handling your RCM at a cost effective rate; saving you a lot of money, time for your patients and resources.

We ensure the highest collection rate – understanding the new codes, billing regulation and other industry mandates, our experts not only ensures stringent checks and balance but also rigorous follow-up with insurance as well as doctor’s office as well for a better billing management. Ensuring the highest first pass collection rate, we today resolve your aging AR as old as three years.

With us you will further get a detailed report of your billing and collection process –  with customized reporting daily, weekly and monthly, our experts run a careful analysis finding the root cause of rejection and errors. In fact, our experts on finding the problem additional work on resolving it from the root itself.

So what are you waiting for? Resolve your crisis in DME billing right away and enjoy an improved billing solution at a cost effective rate.


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