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DIY Project How to make a fan

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DIY Project How to make a fan. As old as the world, the fan knows by several ancient cultures who transformed it into an essential accessory for pretty young ladies’ toilets. Today, however, it is becoming increasingly rare to see a woman holding a fan, and one must admit that her function has evolved from her Eastern origins. It is no longer a decorative accessory, strictly speaking, but rather a way of chasing the heatwave. And then, it is becoming more and more common to use the fan as a decoration for any special occasion. Whatever the reason for finding yourself on this page, know that you will find the best answers to how to make a fan yourself. Because handmade is always a better solution than anything, you can buy in stores.

A pretty Chinese fan to make yourself and give to a particular person

Materials needed:

· Scrapbooking paper with a pattern you like

· Large format cutter or a simple ruler

· Embroidered lace border punch

· Hot glue gun

· Ice cream stick

· Gold paper straws

· Heart-shaped hole punch


1. Cut the piece of scrapbooking paper into two parts so that the width of each of them is 10 cm. Then, decrease the length of the first strip to 25 cm and the second to 28 cm. Use the Embroidered Lace Border Punch to create a lace pattern along the length of both bands. Mark the strip every 2.5 cm.

2. Fold the two strips of accordion paper and then glue them together to obtain a fan. Turn the fan so formed over and glue half the ice cream stick inside the last accordion fold. Insert the other half of the craft stick and glue the same way in the opposite fold.

3. Using your heart-shaped hole punch, make a paper heart. Squeeze the end of your straw and glue it to the heart of the paper.

4. At the end, coat the back of your straw with glue and adhere it to the face of your fan. Press on it with your fingers for about 30 seconds to allow the glue to adhere well and dry with cool drawing ideas.

A Japanese-style fan very easy to print – an original wedding guest gift

DIY Project How to make a fan

Materials and tools needed: 

· Cutter

· Scissors

· Double-sided glue and tape

· Sturdy card stock

· Printer

· Tongue depressors or ice cream sticks


1. The first thing to do is print your fans on card stock. You can find the boss here.

2. Then cut the paper around your pattern’s fans without cutting in the middle. If you want to save yourself some time and effort, use a craft knife and trim the corners with scissors.

3. Now fold across the middle following the fold line and ensure that the two sides created are perfectly equal.

4. Unfold the fan and then decide where to place your sleeve. You can define this with the naked eye or go to the trouble of finding the exact center for more precision.

5. Coat the inside of your fan with glue and also attach the sleeve. Do not forget to coat the face of the latter with glue.

6. Close the fan so that the two sides are attached. Squeeze a few times carefully. If you want, you can place a book for better and faster adhesion. It is what it gives. The creation will delight your guests.

A super easy-to-make fan of paper and ice cream sticks. A manual activity for children 

Materials needed:

· Magic markers open

· Paper

· Ice cream sticks

· Scissors

· Glue

· Double-sided tape


1. Cut out a piece of paper measuring 17X6 cm.

2. Splatter the face of the paper with paint using the opens.

3. Place an ice cream stick on the end of the paper and cover it with a small piece of paper. The stick will use to define the size of your folds. Then fold the paper accordion.

4. Coat the top of two ice-cream sticks with glue or line them with small pieces of double-sided tape.

5. Glue the first stick behind the first fold and attach the second to the face of the last fold to obtain a kind of organ.

6. Take a drop of glue that you must transform into a tiny ball by rolling it between your fingers.

7. Put the small ball on the bottom of one of your ice cream sticks and place the other stick on it. The shape of your glue should allow the fan to unfold and then fold down. Test to see if this is the case.

A fan wall party decoration 

As we have already mentioned, apart from its role as a means of cooling during summer heatwaves, the fan is now commonly used as a decoration for all kinds of important events. From the wedding until the anniversary, it is mainly used to decorate the wall behind the festive table. It creates a beautiful background for your candy bar. The only difference is that several fans are often made to adhere together to create a complete circle (and not a semicircle). This type of fan is super easy to make from:

Materials needed: 

· Rectangular sheets of paper

· String

· Thread

· Tape

· Scissors

· Puncher


1. Fold the two rectangular sheets of paper into accordion-style, ensuring that the fold strips are equal in size. To succeed in this task, you can trace the fold lines on top of the paper beforehand, making sure to space them evenly.

2. Tie the accordion-folded paper in the middle with a string

3. Unfold the fan well and secure the outer sides of it with adhesive tape. It will give you a circle.

4. Punch the fan at the top and pass a thread through the hole so you can then attach the fan to the wall.


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