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Dipak Nandi: Telemedicine is The Future and Unquestionably Here to Stay

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With the recent crisis or with the public health emergency, the telemedicine platform undoubtedly has become a critical tool for the patient to access the needed care and also for healthcare practices, hospitals, clinics providers who were struggling to continue their practices or keep the center open. Being a technology to deliver care at a distance in the present crisis, the demand for the telemedicine platform has further increased more than what it was to compare from the last year. As reports have shown where healthcare practices are seen using the platform even aftermath of the crisis which is by 66%.

Moreover, with 69 percent of people finding it easy and convenient catering to their comfort level on the integration of the platform into their practices has further smoothed the care approach.

Keeping the cost down which is one of the major challenges the platform additionally has improved:

  • The overall patient outcomes
  • advance physician efficiency by saving a lot of their time and effort
  • helped in time management
  • ultimately improving the bottom line

Furthermore, the best part of the platform is that it involves a collaborative approach between patients, providers, and provider support organizations at the same time without much effort, avoiding any kind of travel expenses or wasting of time as well.

In fact, helping providers with a solution to the competitive intimidation of retail clinics and healthcare practices, it further benefits providers by

  • Helping in increasing the revenue generation
  • Catering to the issues like shortage of skilled and experienced labor and physicians
  • Better patient follow up or patient monitoring
  • A better and improved healthcare outcomes
  • Fewer missed appointments or lesser cancellations
  • Private payer reimbursement and many more. 

Telemedicine is the future of the healthcare industry for its convenience and cost-effective methods is in fact, one of the observations of Dr. Dipak Nandi, the M. D and a recipient of several entrepreneurial awards and a proud member of the prestigious AIIMS alumni and a board-certified psychiatrist.


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