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Defensive Driving 101: The Top 5 Warning Signs of a Negligent Driver

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Driving is not a task that many of us enjoy doing. However, it’s a necessity in modern-day life. As such, everyone should take the time to learn the basic principles of defensive driving.

For those who’d like a quick guide to defensive driving, then this piece is for you. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the most common warning signs of a negligent driver. By identifying these signs, you can endeavor to stay safe on the road.

Ready, set, go! Let’s begin!

1. When You Saw Aggressive Driving

When you see aggressive driving, it can be a sign of a negligent driver. Here are the top five warning signs to be aware of. Speeding – at a speed that’s dangerous and out of control for the safety of other drivers.

Tailgating – following too closely, often at a speed much faster than the vehicle in front. Unsafe lane changes – without signaling, when other vehicles are too close. Weaving – driving erratically, not maintaining a steady pattern or speed.

Running red lights or stop signs – this can be incredibly dangerous, putting other vehicles at risk. Recognizing the signs of a negligent driver can protect you from potential accidents and save lives. Be aware of the signs and stay safe on the roads.

2. Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous, and preventable, causes of accidents on the roads. Vehicle operators who are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can cause serious injury and fatalities. To help identify and prevent potential negligent drivers, here are the top five warning signs of a drunk driver:

  • Exaggeratedly Slow or Jerky Movements
  • Delayed Reactions to Changing Road Conditions
  • Erratic Changes in Speed
  • Weaving in and Out of Lanes
  • Disobeying Traffic Laws

All of these can be signs of a driver who is impaired or, worse, under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All drivers must pay attention to those vehicle operators around them who may be displaying these signs and react safely and quickly if they are suspected of being under the influence.

3. Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is a serious and dangerous habit that can lead to deadly results. It is important to be aware of the warning signs of a negligent driver who is texting and driving so that aggressive action can be taken to stop them. Additionally, drivers who are texting and driving are often observed gazing downward toward the phone on their lap or the console between them and the passenger.

Accident prevention can easily be achieved if you know the signs of a distracted driver. If you observe any of these behaviors while out on the roads, maintain a safe distance and contact local authorities.

Doing so could be the difference between a tragedy and a timely warning. In case you are in an accident, it’s very important to contact a car accident attorney.

4. Not Following Traffic Laws

Negligent drivers who do not follow traffic laws pose a serious threat to other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. The following are the top warning signs of a negligent driver not following traffic laws:


Extremely high speeds are hazardous and can reduce the time a driver has to react to obstacles, other vehicles, or pedestrians. It is also one of the most common mistakes drivers make.

Changing Lanes Without Signaling

Failing to use proper turn signals when changing lanes is a sign of a negligent driver. This will make other drivers confused and might cause an accident.

Disregard for Traffic Signs

Ignoring traffic signs and other indicators such as yield signs and double yellow lines can be asking for trouble.

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs

Disregarding traffic signals can lead to serious car accidents.


Any level of impairment due to drugs or alcohol drastically reduces the driver’s ability to react to changes in the road.

Negligent drivers who do not follow traffic laws are an unacceptable hazard to other drivers and pedestrians and should be reported to the police when spotted.

5. Poor Driving Skills

Negligent drivers often display certain poor driving skills that can be warning signs of a dangerous and potentially fatal accident. These warning signs can and should be taken seriously and never ignored, as they put everyone on the road at risk. An inability to follow basic right of way or traffic laws, reckless speeding, constant tailgating, erratic braking, and inattentive and distracted driving.

Negligent drivers put everyone’s safety at risk. Whether a negligent driver is going too fast or failing to yield the right of way, these dangerous behaviors can cause disastrous collisions. To protect yourself and the others on the road, you should be aware of and recognize these warning signs of a negligent driver.

Learning defensive driving is very important, especially in countries that have less traffic law enforcement. Stay vigilant and make sure you and other drivers are practicing safe driving habits.

Be Aware of a Negligent Driver for Your Safety

It is important to be mindful of the signs of a negligent driver to avoid possible harm. If you find yourself displaying any of the top 5 warning signs mentioned, it is time to rethink your approach to driving. Driving safety should always be the first thing in the mind of a driver.

Defensive driving is one of the best ways to ensure safety on the road. Consider driving with more consideration and awareness, and for extra peace of mind- it may be wise to review your local driving laws to stay safe on the road!

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