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Custom Sunglasses

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Custom sunglasses are fashionable and functional accessories to promote any brand or occasion. Custom sunglasses help in announcing your individuality and thus add to your presence. Sunglasses are not just eye protection; they also promote a desired fashion statement. Custom sunglasses make your message visible, enhance your look and make them more UV resistant. Custom sunglasses are eye-catching and functional accessories.

Custom sunglasses are not like ordinary sunglasses that you pick up from the counter. They have a design concept and a mission to fulfill. The design concepts may be about the shape or the color, or the lens type, or even the shape of the frame. For a start, a logo or the name of the company is printed on the frame. This logo helps the customer in making a decision as to whether to order the sunglasses or not. If it is a good brand, then the sunglasses will be purchased without any second thought to design your own sunglasses.

Another important aspect of custom sunglasses is that they fit the person wearing them. If the sunglasses do not fit well, the wearer will not look good and will not be comfortable. A good pair of custom shades should neither be too tight around the nose nor too loose.

Custom sunglasses can be broadly divided into two major categories: conventional sunglasses, which are round, square or rectangular shaped lenses; and custom sunglasses, which are specially made from certain material. Ordinary sunglasses are square or rectangular shaped lenses. However, custom sunglasses can also be round or triangular shaped lenses. Custom sunglasses can have any special shape or design, as decided by the customer.

Custom sunglasses are made with any special material because of two reasons. One is that they can block or deflect the UV rays of the sun. Secondly, they can enhance or minimize the visibility. Thus, custom sunglasses can either be opaque lenses, or lenses with light refracting properties.

In addition to blocking the UV rays, custom sunglasses can also be used to improve the intensity of the UV rays and thus provide better vision. Such sunglasses include polarized lenses. Polarized lenses can help you see near as well as distant objects in the dark with increased clarity and thus are commonly used in military as well as aviation circles.

Ordinary sunglasses are usually oval or cylindrical shaped lenses. They can be either curved or straight. But, custom sunglasses can also be specially shaped lenses. Custom sunglasses can have curved lenses, if the shape fits the face of the wearer. Or, if the shape does not fit the face of the wearer, but matches the shape of the other parts of the frame, then the sunglasses can have straight lenses.

Custom sunglasses can have UV rays blocking as well as blocking the sun’s heat rays. Ordinary sunglasses cannot, as they are usually made up of plastic. But, custom sunglasses can be made up of uv rays blocking material like Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP), which is often used for pilot helmets, and then there are sunglasses that are completely coated with Rigid Gas Permeable, which acts as a shield for the eyes, even in the case of extreme temperatures. These custom sunglasses have UV rays blocking properties that are similar to those of mirrored sunglasses, which can be used even in the case of extreme temperatures. Custom shades can be used for all purposes including cutting down on the glare, increasing the visual clarity, to increase the resistance against the heat, etc.

Custom sunglasses can also be produced for sporting purposes. The producers can give the customers an exact prescription of the size of the frames that they want to use, while custom sunglasses can also be produced for specific purposes. There are sunglasses produced specially for racing, hiking, cycling, beach volleyball etc. The producer can give the customer specific measurements about the shape of their face, and the kind of custom made frames that can be used in that particular case.

There are many advantages in using custom made glasses for the above-mentioned purposes, as it is better than using glasses of regular sizes. Custom sunglasses are also lighter in weight than ordinary sunglasses. Also, custom designed frames do not break easily. Custom eyewear can be procured in large numbers. These can be used even by children.

You can search for a distributor who provides custom sunglasses. You can search for different websites providing contact lens manufacturers who provide custom made eyewear. These websites may require you to provide the details of your prescription. However, you should check out the quality of the custom sunglasses that you are buying. This is the most important thing to consider.


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