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Collaborative Security: the new Security App

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Security once again puts state-of-the-art technology at the service of the most effective security of companies. With the launch of this technological platform, Collaborative Security, the management of Security Solutions that the private security company Leicester offers its clients is improved.

Thanks to its customization possibilities, this new app is designed to adapt to any scenario. Shopping centers, industrial complexes, office buildings, transport networks, housing estates, hospitals, and town halls … may be some of the spaces for this app. Its purpose is to become a communication channel between:

Users who work or reside in the facilities

The surveillance service

The person in charge of the installation

Confidentiality is guaranteed thanks to its encrypted communications, backup, and password policy.

About what you are going to read in this article:

Collaborative Security app features

App with multiple advantages

Collaborative Security app features

 The Collaborative Security app is a new tool that facilitates the early detection of security incidents, safety, and emergencies. Also, the consequent response from the surveillance service.

This makes it possible to improve the daily work of security personnel, innovatively articulating it management. On the other hand, it allows channeling and digitizing the security information provided by users in an orderly manner.

In addition to allowing information on safety, safety, and emergency matters, it also functions as a communication channel for the client to convey all kinds of information of interest to users, specifically on activities, services, notices, or precautions that are of interest or relevant and general aspects.

Another outstanding aspect is that it allows integration into external platforms such as the meteorology agency. In this way, it can become the channel through which the user would receive extreme alerts, for example, temperature or wind.

Among the multiple functionalities that it includes, its chat stands out. Users can send multimedia materials such as photos or videos with GPS locations through it.

App with multiple advantages

Thanks to this instantaneous communication, the app allows the generation of preventive information and antisocial incidents, accidents, claims, breakdowns, emergencies, health-related emergencies, etc.

The closeness and communication between people are two basic concepts defining Collaborative Security. The goal is for the app to be an efficient communication channel. For this reason, it seeks to provide information in real time between users and it personnel. In this way, the latter can make the appropriate decisions in each case and act accordingly.

“The collaborative concept is increasingly important in society, taking on special relevance when it comes to security , since it is an aspect that affects us all and, without a doubt, benefits us all,” says Jesús de la Mora. , Director of the Consulting Department and responsible for developing this new application. Users already have it available on both Android and iOS.


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