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Carlton’s Pest Control: Protecting Your Home Against Pests

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The Difference Between Pests and Bugs

Pests are in control of the homes which they have their own sustenance. These insects are not harmful to humans but can cause more harm to your health if they get into your home. Meanwhile, there are many kinds of bugs like ants, cockroaches, spiders, etc. that can hurt your family if they find a place to settle. How to Control Pests at Home Facts about what to do when you have pests at home: 1. It is very important to take care of your property. Fix the holes and cracks in your wall or floorboards, they provide enough opportunities for pests to enter into your house. Use the vacuum cleaner, there are also many powerful pest control devices like the Neem Crusher which you can use for this task. 2. Dispose of things that pests can eat like crumbs and food leftovers.

What Causes a Pest Infestation?

An infestation of insects or rodents within your home might be the result of several factors like absence of cleanliness in your home, absence of sufficient ventilation, improper sanitation, poor hygiene and inadequate pest control measures are the main reasons for the presence of these pests. How to Prevent Pest Infestation? If you want to get rid of pests like cockroaches, ants, rats, mice and other pests in your home, follow these tips carefully: *Leave only enough food in your house for your pets to eat. Do not leave any food, even a tiny crumb, within your vicinity of the house. *Make sure that your garbage is tightly sealed. *Make sure that you keep your home as clean as you can. The dirt and dust in your home might attract insects.

How to Prevent an Infestation

While looking for a remedy against these troublesome pests, there are some people who are still not aware of some effective ways that can be adopted to prevent pests from entering your home. In case of looking for a home pest control company in your locality, it is important to check for a company which is fully authorized and certified for dealing with pests in your home. To find one company who is duly accredited, it is important to call a pest control company representative. When hiring a pest control service, it is important to look for an agency that offers several types of pest control services for your home. An agency that is offering this service must make sure that the technician is hired from reputed agencies that have more than two years of experience.

Types of Pests in Your Home

Lice and bedbugs Both these pests are those tiny insects that may come along with your bed sheets. To detect bed bugs in your home, firstly place your mattress in water and make sure it is well soaked. Next you need to decide the places where you have them appear. In case it’s anywhere above the mattress, don’t get it down. Also, don’t use perfumes and scents in the room. In case the property is infested with lice, be sure to vacuum all the place where you think you might have them. To make sure your pillowcases and sheets are also dry in which they can lay eggs in your home, make sure you are not putting them under any wet clothes and sleeping on them. Also, make sure the lice and bedbugs are out in your home.


Pests are in fact an extraordinary nature and finding a proper pest control agency will ensure that these insects are not likely to exist in your home. Get the best services from a reliable service provider and get the worry-free life.


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