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Buyandship Shopping Guide: Chemist Warehouse Australia

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Recently, buyandship has become prevalent worldwide. It’s funny how you can easily find something so far away by a single tap on your phone. For example, if you need makeup or supplements, you can order at Chemist warehouse Australia, an online pharmacy chain with over 350 stores. 

To enjoy the buyandship experience, here is a shopping guide for you.

  1.  Register as a buyandship member.

You need to register your name, email address, and mobile number and fill in your personal information. After you are done with registration, you receive a unique membership member ID. The member ID acts as the identification of your parcels during the shipping process.

  •  Put down your Shipping Address and House delivery address
  • You fill in your shipping address
  • When shopping, ensure you take note of items under the prohibited items catalog. This will allow you not to ship something that cannot be shipped. 
  • During the checkout, use the chemist overseas warehouse address as your shopping address. 
  • And also, don’t forget to fill in your name and member ID as the recipient.
  •  Add your home delivery address with your pricing option 

Fill in your local delivery in the “My Addresses” section and select your pricing option. There are two pricing options, delivered duty paid and delivered duty.

  •  Declare your shipment

From the email sent, you can find all information you need for declaration, such as the shipping carrier and the tracking number of your goods. After getting all the info, declare your parcel at Parcel Management. If you complete your declaration after the package gets to the warehouse, that might cause delays.

  • Consolidate your shipment.

When your parcel arrives at the chemist warehouse in Adelaide, you can create a shipment order by putting your packages in a dashboard. 

  • After this, you can confirm your delivery address and the pricing option you wish to have at my address.
  • After you pay all the fees required, your shipment will be sent out from chemist warehouse Australia within 1-2 days.
  • After finishing the process, you can now relax and wait for a parcel collection notification.

Remember that when your shipment arrives at buyandship chemist warehouse Adelaide, if you have questions regarding the chargeable weight, you can ask before paying the delivery fee. And also, remember to check your pricing option carefully when adding or selecting your address.

  • Collecting your shipment.

Most of the time, home delivery to your address takes 3-14 days. Also, remember in case of customs inspection, it may delay the delivery of your package. However, you shouldn’t worry because your package will arrive, but depending on how long the inspection takes. If everything works fine, you will have your package within 21 days. Shipping goods can be easy, but you have to be very careful. Always make sure you fill in your details correctly to avoid the loss of your shipment. Or extra accrued charges for missing a simple step.


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