Brands Of Mercedes

Brands Of Mercedes

There are different brands of Mercedes including

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mercedes-AMG
  • Mercedes-Maybach

Each one of the brands is targeting certain buyers. Mercedes-Benz has a normal passenger on commercial vehicles while Mercedes-AMG is reserved for performance vehicles and Mercedes-Maybach trying to compete with the likes of Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Passenger vehicles and the more expensive two bands are essentially the same cars like the ones and Mercedes-Benz but modified to meet the attributes of each.

Mercedes Model Naming

Almost all Mercedes car names have three different parts. The first is the brand name so it is either Mercedes-Benz, AMG, or Maybach. The second part is the class name and the third one is the number that indicates which engine the car has.

Classes Of Mercedes

There are five different core classes for Mercedes which are shown for sigma. Alphabetically the A class is the smallest car of them. All used to be a hatchback only however the latest generation introduced the saloon version as well.

The B class is the small van based on the A-class platform. The C class is the top-selling model for Mercedes. The E Class is a bit longer than the C class while having more technology and a more luxurious cabin. The pinnacle of luxury though is the S class with its long and wide carbon sophisticated technologies premium material and of course premium price.

Other models including the V class. This model is a big van with sliding side doors. The X class is a pickup truck made in collaboration with Nissan.

Coupe and Roadster

Coupe car name of Mercedes is started like CLA and CLS while roadsters start with a set like the two very old SL and SLC.

Mercedes SUV’s

For every co Mercedes month, there is an SUV despite the boxy G class everyone loves which is in the class of its own. So that’s the GLA, GLB, GLC, GLE, and GLS which is the S class of SUVs.               

  • A-Class           GLA
  • B-Class           GLB
  • C-Class           GLC
  • E-Class           GLE
  • S-Class           GLS

As you can see Mercedes used the letters G added right before the core model name to indicate that it is an SUV. It is worth noting that there are copay models from both the GLC and the GE as well. Are you in search of Mercedes SUV cars Luxury Car Rental Dubai will help you.

Electric Mercedes Cars

Mercedes was not the first to ride the electric game, in fact, they only have one electric model in their lineup as of today which is the EQC. Now we are not sure whether Mercedes will produce electric vehicles named with letters and corresponding to the car models.

AMG And Numbers

The number that comes after the class name lacks one digit in AMG cars compared to the normal Mercedes-Benz cars for some reason. Therefore these numbers are not representative of how big the engine is or the amount of horsepower of the car. Almost every Mercedes-Benz car has a country part and the Mercedes AMG side.

Let’s take the A class for example the normal A-class models come as 208 to 50 for petrol versions however the faster AMG models come as the A 35 and A 45. The most powerful AMG engine though is the 63, 8-liter twin-turbo which is not available in the A-class otherwise we will fly.

Diesel versions of all cars are represented by the letter “D” after the number. There are bespoke AMG models as well which are not available as normal Mercedes-Benz models this includes the GTS.

This was all about Mercedes brands, class, SUVs so if you want to rent this car then contact Luxury Car Rental Dubai.

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