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Boost Your Confidence with These Cosmetic Procedures

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Discard all the mythical notions and insecurities you might have about plastic surgeries. Almost all cosmetic procedures available in countries like the UAE are reliable and safe. And they have the success rates to prove it.

It’s true that up until a decade ago, cosmetic procedures were under the scanner for being dangerous and harmful. However, the modernisation in the industry has rendered all adverse side effects and inconsistent results obsolete. Meaning you can easily trust reputable clinics like Nova by Aesthetics for your surgeries.

We recommend going to an established and reputable clinic.  It is the most decisive factor that determines your procedure’s chances of success. A reputable clinic will have all the adequate, latest, and enhanced equipment required for state-of-the-art procedures. Moreover, these clinics also staff some of the most reputable experts such as Dr. Jaffar who has proved his experience and skill in the industry. Therefore, you can only expect good results of surgery if you have a great surgeon performing it.

Having established this, let’s take a look at the cosmetic procedures that are sure to help you boost your confidence:

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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation in Dubai or augmentation mammoplasty is one of the most demanded procedures in the world. The ideal candidates for the surgery include people who have small-sized, asymmetrical or misaligned breasts. Women who’ve recently given birth should consult their surgeons prior to setting up an appointment. In fact, all candidates should consult their surgeons and discuss their medical histories to make sure the surgery is right for them.

The way this works is once you’ve set up an appointment and appear for the procedure, you’ll be given an anesthetic. Then, the doctors will proceed to mark the targeted areas.  They will carefully make incisions around the side or bottom of the breasts. Then, they’ll insert silicone gel implants (or any other relevant material) behind the breast.

Once that is done and the shape of the breasts have been aligned, doctors will stitch everything up. You will have a few bruises and wounds, followed by some irritation or swelling for a few days. Moreover, you’ll have to restrict your movement and physical activity to ensure proper recovery.

Lip Fillers & Botox Dubai

With a significant proportion of interested populations coming in from around the world, lip fillers and Botox dubai injections are ranking cosmetic surgeries. The fact that you can get them in a matter of a few minutes says a lot about what makes them appealing. Moreover, the temporary results that people always complained about have been extended using modern innovations.

These procedures are simple due to the fact they involve a single injection. You can have dermal fillers injected in various parts of your face to remove lines, wrinkles, clear away dead skin cells and boost collagen production. Lip fillers grant your lips a plump and youthful appearance, thereby reducing signs of ageing.

Similar to dermal fillers is the use of Botox. Although it differs in its effects, it also plays an important role in reducing signs of ageing and prolonging your youth. Botox injections kill the connection between the neurotransmitters that basically tell your skin muscles to wrinkle and become saggy. By doing this, the skin becomes smooth around the targeted areas with no frown lines. If you have crow’s feet or similar appearance issues, you should try getting a Botox injection and note the changes you’ll have for at least 3-4 months.


A modern procedure that has also gained a reputation due to its ease and commendable results, Hydrafacial guarantees a boost in your confidence and esteem. This cosmetic procedure involves using a hydradermabrasion device that exfoliates the skin before infusing intensive serums inside. As a result, the skin’s pores are cleansed and you have a rejuvenated look.

The best hydrafacial Dubai treatment can take as long as 30 minutes. Whereas, the results are long-term and undoubtedly healthy. One of the most convenient things about this procedure is that it can match any type of skin.

This means that your surgeon can tweak the device to suit your condition if you have peculiar skin problems. Suffice it to say, this non-invasive cosmetic procedure is completely safe, healthy, and rehabilitating for all those who have troubles with their appearance. 

Although many more cosmetic procedures cater to various characteristics making up your appearance, their results depend entirely upon who performs them. That’s why we recommend consulting the best surgeon around to have your expectations satisfied.

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