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Best times to buy a car with a discount


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Cars are one of the important needs of people. Owning a private car serves a lot of time and improves the efficiency of working-class people. A car provides status and personal control. Having a private car is more convenient For long-distance traveling due to the low availability of public transports. Today’s world is so expensive, living our dream is difficult. People generally want to know the best time to buy a car with a discount.  Everyone wants good quality products with pretty discounted prices.

Best times to buy a car with a discount:-

1.End of the month:

At the end of the month, the salesman wants to achieve their monthly sales target. If they are completing their target by selling cars at some discount. They will go for it. This is not a big deal for them.

2.End of the year:

The last quarter of the year. From October to December. It is generally observed that car showrooms and dealers are cleaning the stocks of outgoing models. So they sell their products at heavy discounts. This creates a chance for customers to buy their dream car at a heavy rebate. 

3.On festivals:

On the occasion of festivals like Diwali, Dushera, Christmas e.t.c.  car companies give huge discounts on new models and they also put outdated models on sale. This time is considered the best opportunity for customers and the Best time to buy a car at a heavy discount. 

best time to buy a car at discount on festivals

4.At the beginning of the week:

At the beginning of the week, there is a high chance to get special attention. This is because during weekends dealerships are busiest. At the beginning of the week, there is more chance of negotiation customer can easily get discount. So try to visit the showroom at the beginning of the week.

5.In the month of march:

This month is for businessmen and businesswomen because this month is the end of the financial year. You can save tax by purchasing your dream car in March as the vehicle’s cost can be considered a business expense.

Best time to buy a car with a discount

  1. October 
  2. November
  3. December 
  4. march
  5. Month end 
  6. In the beginning of the week 

Worst time to buy a car 

  1. Beginning of the month
  2. April 
  3. May 
  4. June
  5. End of week


A car is an important asset. Discount on cars is possible if you buy it on a certain time or occasion. Best times to buy a car with a discount. By Buying a car at festivals you can get a huge discount. don’t buy it on weekends as dealers are busy, there is less chance of negotiation. For businessmen and businesswomen, the Best time to buy a car at a discount is in March. They can get a rebate on tex.

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