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Beautiful Home Styles

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Are you daydreaming of owning a luxurious home lavished with unique furnishings or perhaps your mind wanders to the charming little cottage nestled among the trees? What about a country-style farmhouse tucked away out in the sticks with nothing but the honeysuckle-scented breeze and birds as your neighbors? Perhaps you would rather feel soft glistening sand beneath your feet as you step off of the deck of your new beachfront retreat. Just imagine the possibilities! Whether you’re dreaming of living in a mansion or your idea of a home sweet home is a quaint little abode by the creek, take a stroll with me as we tour some amazing home styles.

Luxurious Home Styles

When thinking of luxurious houses, oftentimes a mansion comes to mind. Even though mansions are indeed luxurious, there are many other gorgeous homes that deserve the title. Colonial-style homes are magnificently eye-catching with their towering porch columns and grand features that take you back to the era of early America. Many of these styles of homes are made primarily of wood and feature large fireplaces and elegant furniture. If you would rather have a home more reminiscent of a castle, a stately English Manor home will fit your taste perfectly. The manor houses built today are not as grand as the ones built in ancient times, but you will still find English Manor homes standing majestically against the backdrop of the England sky.

Many of the private residential chateaux homes were once owned by statesmen or royalty and featured moats and cobblestone structures. If you want a luxurious home that is considered both romantic and charming, you should take a peek at Tuscany-style Italian villas.

Home Styles: Cottage Style Homes

Cottage homes come in a variety of styles ranging from sophisticated beach cottages to charming country themes. They are built to be more compact and with less square footage than a typical home but still, have enough space to make them perfect for smaller families or couples. Cottages are built to be both cute and cozy. Many feature gingerbread trim, arched doors, and little fireplaces neatly tucked into a comfy living room.

Home Styles: Country Farmhouse

A favorite home style in the southern states is the country farmhouse. These lovely homes are usually two stories and have plenty of space to accommodate larger families. It is typical for them to be built of wood or brick on a property that is surrounded by plenty of land. They feature large wrap-around porches, trailing white picket fences and barns can be seen scattered about the property. Many farmhouse owners enjoy decorating their country home with antique furniture, simple and practical décor and designs, as well as rustic décor and lots of wood.

Beach Houses

Can you picture yourself living on the beach? The soft powdery sand swept in swirls beneath your porch with the lullaby of the ocean waves singing you to sleep each night. Life on the beach can feel like a never-ending vacation. There is a wealth of reasons a coastal home is one of the most beautiful residential retreats. Most feature their own tropical design and come in an array of exterior colors from coral, soft blue to even yellow. If you take a drive up and down the coast, you will see a variety of magnificent beach homes. Beach-style décor is typical for these homes. You will notice lots of natural light flowing throughout the home and plenty of windows.

Balconies that offer gorgeous views of the ocean, French-style doors, and coastal colors from seafoam green to pink ocean sunset hues make the home even more breathtaking. Living on the beach is like a dream but get ready to pay a nightmare of a price. Depending upon your location, beach houses range anywhere from $500,000.00 to well over $1,000,000.00.


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