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Artesian wells & How they Work?

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First, you need to determine where to drill your water well. To do this, you must take into account the regulations in force and several elements, including your water purification system and that of neighbors, cultivated plots, waterways, unfathomable areas, etc. You will also need to consider other factors, such as access for drilling equipment, connection to the building, and future accessibility of the well. Our specialists can guide you through this process.

Drilling permit and report

You must apply for a water catchment permit from your municipality. we will provide you with a copy of the Drilling Report and we will provide a copy to the municipality and the ministry concerned.

Drilling of an artesian well

The artesian well will be drilled by a competent well-digger (Borewell drillers) using modern and efficient equipment. Most of the artesian wells are completed in the bedrock. We first install steel casing to the required standard and at least 6 meters (20 feet) in length or more to support the unconsolidated portion of the formation.

Although it is not prescribed by the regulations in force and it is more arduous work, we recommend for most structures the installation of a minimum of 12 meters (40 feet) of casing in order to better protect the well. surface water which is usually of lower quality. This casing is fitted with a driving shoe in its lower part in order to seal the bedrock.

If necessary, we will also build a collar as required by the regulations. The installation of a collar is meticulous work that must be done well so that it fulfills its function of protecting your well from surface water that may be contaminated. Then, the well digger will continue drilling in search of underground water captive in the rock.

The customer will be informed of the presence of water and will be able to make the decision to continue or terminate the drilling with the driller’s suggestions.

On more rare occasions, the well could end before it has even reached the rock, in a bed of gravel saturated with water for example. Such a well may require the installation of a strainer.

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Collar (sealing a well)

The collar makes your artesian well waterproof and protects it from infiltration from surface water. This prevents contamination of your well (contaminants, bacteria, etc.). The collar is a very important component of your well; it is therefore preferable to let a professional take care of it.

Standards of the Groundwater Catchment Regulation

These distances must be respected:

  • Minimum of 30 meters from an unsealed wastewater treatment system
  • Minimum of 15 meters from a sealed wastewater treatment system
  • Minimum of 30 meters from a cultivation plot

However, if you are installing a sealed well (with a collar), it is possible to locate it at a minimum distance of 15 meters from an unsealed wastewater treatment system. A sealed well is a well whose upper part is fitted with a cement-bentonite collar. The latter is also compulsory for wells where the rock is between 0 and 5 meters from the ground surface.

After drilling the artesian well

Finally, the well digger will clean and test the water flow from the well. We could also suggest the installation of a PVC sheath in the event that the walls seem unstable to us. The equipment will then be removed from the site and you can now plan the installation of the submersible pump.

Well tank

Well tanks are available in several sizes, depending on your family’s water needs. Among the materials are steel and fiberglass. We use Well-X-Trol brand tanks. These feature an anti-bacterial coating that neutralizes 99.9% of bacteria. So you drink cleaner water and benefit from a product with an extended shelf life.


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