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Video Hosting Tips Your Small Business Should Know

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Running a business may involve you creating videos for your employees and customers to watch. However, deciding where to post these videos can be difficult, so you may wonder what service you can use to host your videos. If you need some help as you look through your video hosting options, you can use these five tips to prepare your small business.

Use It as Employee Resources

Many companies create videos and use hosting services to reach out to their customers, but you can also use them for your employees. For example, you can create different video resources for your employees, so they can find out key information. This can include summarized information about the employee manual and demonstrations on how to perform tasks. Employees need easy access to resources, so helping them out through a hosting service could benefit them. That way, they will know where to access those resources, so they can review the information and complete important tasks. You can create all kinds of video resources, so look into the options available.

Find the Ideal Hosting Site

As you find a place to store your videos, you should look into the ideal video hosting sites available. As you look through the hosting sites, you should see what each one can offer your business. For example, the one you pick must let you store plenty of videos on their site while giving you access to them. By using these hosting sites, you can easily store large amounts of data on the site. On top of that, you can let others see your videos by sharing a link with them. This makes it a great sharing and storage resource to keep track of your small business’ videos.

Keep Copies of Your Videos

Even if you use a hosting site, you should still create copies of your videos in case you run into problems. This means you should back up your videos to other services since you never know if the hosting site may shut down unexpectedly. That way, you can keep the videos and post them somewhere else if you ever lose the hosting site. You can do this by saving the videos to computers, external hard drives and other locations. You can use a cloud service to store that information on an online server, so you always have access to them in case something comes up and you lose the videos.

Avoid Uploading to Your Website

You will want to use a hosting service, so you can avoid uploading your videos to your website. If you upload videos to your website, the pages will take a long time to load which can cause people to leave your website. You want to avoid slowdown whenever possible, so make sure to use a hosting service. Instead of uploading to your website, you can embed the videos into your website, so they will load from the hosting service instead. This allows you to post your videos on your website without using data on the page. This will help you reduce load times while also sharing your videos online.

Utilize Social Media Links

As you take advantage of these hosting websites, you should share links to them on your social media pages. When you have a social media page, you can easily add links to a post and share them with your followers. This allows you to interact with your followers as you have them view the videos you made. This matters even more if you geared those videos to your customers. Do your best to expose your followers to your videos by creating these links, so they can watch them. As you focus on doing this and take advantage of hosting servers, you can gain more recognition for your brand.


Finding the right hosting service for your videos can be difficult, but you can find the ideal service as you go through the five tips. They will assist you as you pick a hosting service, consider your hosting service options and help you make the most out of your business videos. Make sure to review these options, so you can see which ones will apply to your small business.


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