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Hidden Health Benefits of Drinking Tea!

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People from all over the world have been drinking tea for thousands of years. Numerous studies have shown that teas can help in boosting your immune system; fight off inflammation and a lot more things.

Drinking tea not only energizes you but it also offers certain health benefits. There is a lot of evidence that shows that drinking tea regularly can provide a lasting impact on your wellness.

So, put the kettle on as we are going to explain the Types of Tea in India and their hidden health benefits.

1: White Tea:

White Tea is usually known to have a delicate flavor and it has come under the least processed tea varieties. Most of the research has shown that White Tea is an effective tea and helps in fighting various forms of cancer. It contains a high level of antioxidants and this helps in fighting this serious disease.

White Tea can be also good for your dental activities since it contains a high amount of fluoride and tannins. Thus, it can help strengthen your teeth, help in fighting plaque and make them more resistant to acid and sugar. This tea offers the least amount of caffeine and makes a smart choice for tea drinkers who want to avoid or limit their caffeine consumption.

2: Herbal Tea:

Sometimes Herbal tea is also known as Tisanes and this tea is very similar to White tea. Herbal tea contains a blend of herbs, spices, fruits, or plants. It doesn’t contain caffeine and due to this reason, this tea is known for its calming properties.

As such, there are numerous types of herbal teas and all have their unique benefits. Some of the most popular Herbal teas include:

1: It helps in reducing menstrual pain, muscle spasms and helps in improving sleep, relaxation and thus reduces stress.

2: Herbal tea improves blood pressure and circulation. It helps in boosting good cholesterol while lowers bad cholesterol. Besides, it keeps your hair strong and skin healthy and thus provides relief from allergies.

3: White tea contains the properties of methanol and can help in soothing an upset stomach and serve as a cure for constipation, bowels, and motion sickness. This tea offers pain relief from all tensions, headaches, and migraines.

4: Helps in fighting against morning sickness and can be used to treat chronic indigestion and provide relief in joint pain caused by osteoarthritis.

5: White Tea lowers blood pressure as well as fat levels. It helps in improving liver health problems and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

3: Green Tea:

Usually, Green Tea originates from China and the leaves are processed with heat. This tea helps in boosting your heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and thus reduces blood clotting.

Most of the studies have shown that this type of tea can help in lowering blood pressure problems. Some other research has been found that Green tea has a possible impact on the liver, breast. It has been seen that its anti-inflammatory properties keep your skin clear and glowing.

4: Black Tea:

Black Tea has been made from the leaves of sinesis plant and this same plant has been used to make Green tea. However, these teas are dried and give the black tea a darker color.

Black Tea is caffeinated, therefore it is important to intake this tea. When you start drinking black tea then you get benefits from its flavonoids which combat inflammation and helps in supporting healthy immune function.

However, you don’t merely need to drink black tea to benefit from its healthy properties. Black Tea can be steamed, cooled and its bruises help in relieving pain and reduce swelling. It also helps in easing inflammation that has been caused by skin rashes.

5: Oolong tea:

It is a Chinese tea variety and has been made from the same plant to make green and black teas. Only the difference is how the tea is processed. However, green tea is not allowed to oxidize much but black tea can get oxidized well.

Oolong tea is somewhere in between the two, thus it is partially oxidized. Hence, this partial oxidation is responsible for oolong’s tea color and its taste.

This tea is notable for containing I-Thiamine, it is an amino acid that helps in reducing anxiety and increases alertness and attention. Researchers have found that Oolong tea help in preventing cognitive diseases. This tea is enriched in high polyphenols and is linked to lowering inflammation and thus prevents the growth of cancers and decreases type 2 diabetes.

Some of the teas that should be avoided!!!

Undoubtedly, there are varieties of teas that are beneficial for your health and thus you may want to steer clear of these varieties:

1: Try not to drink Detox teas as it is made from fad diets and it has also been suggested that you will quickly lose your weight. These types of teas often come either laced or with laxatives and thus can prove harmful to your health.

2: Fancy Teas and drinks can cause harm to your health and they appear healthy and are loaded with sugar. Thus, you need to avoid drinking these teas. It possibly triggers allergies as it contains different types of herbs, spices and thus people start getting allergies from it.

So, if you are already an allergic person then you should always read the ingredients first on the package before you consume this tea.

3: Trendy bubble teas are also loaded with sugar, calories, carbs and don’t contain any nutritional value. Thus, it won’t provide benefits to your health.

The Bottom line: Thanks to species like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves by all these ingredients you can only get a great tasting beverage like Tea and offers an immense amount of health potential to you.

With the help of robust flavor and powerful ingredients, a cup of chai is a great source to start your day. With less caffeine, you can easily drink tea, and also you will not feel sleepy. So, let the fragrance of tea revitalize your senses and thus you can reap the benefits of healthy antioxidants. Get settle in Drinking Chai today!

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