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A Sports Writer’s Guide To Buying The Best Jiu Jitsu Gi

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an art that turns an immature, raw talent into an extremely accomplished human being in terms of their mental and physical capabilities. You can go from being full of fear to feeling as though you can attack any challenge that comes your way. With practice and with struggle, you’ll be humbled each day and you’ll learn what it means to achieve something great.

Within the art, you have the option of taking part in no-gi Jiu-Jitsu or you can take part using the traditional Gi. If you opt for the latter, then you’re going to want to make sure you have the right Gi. An outfit that suits you, makes you feel comfortable and helps you to perform properly when on the mat.

If you’re just starting out, then perhaps this idea might seem quite difficult. You can rest assured, however, as there it’s not something you should have to overthink at all. Read on as we talk through a few things you’ll want to consider when buying the best Jiu-Jitsu gi.

The A Size Guide

The A-size guide is a table that lets you know the kind of gi that will be necessary for you. It might seem a little confusing at first, but it’s simple to get the hang of. It consists of a few measurements that all add up. These include your height, weight, wingspan, jacket width, jacket length, pant waist, and pant length. You should be able to size them all up and find your perfect gi size.


You probably know that most gis are white. They are not exclusively that color, however. They have branched out to black and blue, too, in recent years. They are both also approved when rolling in competitions. If you’re looking to casually roll and improve your skill set, then the color will not matter hugely. It will matter if your instructor says so. Plenty of teachers will only accept traditional colors in their gyms.


You’ll obviously want to take the cost of your gi into account. It obviously all depends on how serious you are. They typically cost between $40 and $400 dollars. There will be brands that sell gis at around $40 – Fuji being a good example. Brands such as Origin will give you more expensive stuff, however. Don’t spend too much on your first as you shouldn’t be investing lots of money on something that you aren’t sure that you’ll continue with. Heading to Habrok Sports and checking out their collection wouldn’t be a terrible idea as there are tremendously priced gis (and other items) available for anyone.


There are a few different types of weaves that you can browse through. The single-weave is the most basic of the group. It’s reasonably priced and will be much less than the other options. It’ll keep you cool and less restricted than the others, but it’s typically only worn in hot climates. A double-weave gi is a lot more durable. It has an extra thickness that has strength for those long-winded rolling sessions. While they’re more expensive, they’ll cost you less in the long run as they’ll last much longer. The overall quality is by all accounts much higher, too.


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