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A Guide to Customization of Eyelash Extensions

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beautiful and fluttery eyes are the demands of every girl. And especially when your friends have an amazing one. Jealous? It’s obvious. But don’t worry; you can do the customization of your lash extensions and give a new look to your eyes, and stunned everyone.

We understand that the first time comes with lots of nervousness and a lot wrapping your brain around. Have no fear; our lash experts are here to help. They will guide you through one-on-one consultation and utilize the handy-dandy lash catalog to guide the discussion. They allow you to design the custom lash look that’s 100% right for you!

We will guide you with the whole customization process, from choosing your preferred lash curl and the type of application method.

Basics of custom eyelash extension

Custom eyelash extensions lengthen and thicken your individual lashes. There are a variety of options available for custom lashes that include various lengths and curls and add different volume types. For example, the curls are available in 45, 60, and 90-degree angles.

They can also be applied on a ratio of one extension per lash for a more natural look or extra volume that often consists of two to six extensions per lash.

Four customization components for your lovely lash look 

During your consultation, you need to cooperate with your lash expert to opt for the customization aspect of your lash look. You will choose

  • Curl of lash
  • Lash type
  • Lash level
  • Application method

Each different option is adapted by real women who had their lashes customization process done. See stunning and natural results with this process.

Choose your lash curl

Our classic set eyelash extension undergoes a double heat process to ensure your guest receives a lovely and lasting curl. Then, with the help of a stylist, go for the best curl option for your natural lashes and have your desired lash look.

Three lash curl options:

  • C Curl:

It is the softest curl offered at the salon and also a “go-to” curl option for guests who want their lashes enhanced yet more of a natural look.

  • D Curl:

It is an attractive option for those who have a lively lash style in mind. Salon offers you the tightest curl that gives you a dynamic and gorgeous appearance. Many guests with D curl have more of an awake look, and we all crave for that, right?

  • L+ Curl:

If you have more lashes on the straight side or downwards, then L+ curl is calling you! Time and time again, we will make our clients fall in love with lashes with an L+ curl because it makes a gorgeous lift.

Choose your lash type 

Made of synthetic material, our lash artist knows to lash extension hacks that offer you a natural feel. And make sure of the safety of it while giving you the long-lasting look you desire. The options are:

  • Silk lash extension:

You get a bold look with silk extension, and it’s much like a swipe of mascara with a semi-matte satin finish.

  • Mink lash extension:

Mink lashes offer you a fine semi-gloss, tapper, and gorgeous finish extension. Light and feathery appearance are what you love about it.

  • Synthetic lash extension:

It is made of plastic and considered less durable and stiffer than silk or mink extension. They are the least natural of all and offer you a dark and dramatic look.

  • Sable lash extension:

Thinnest of all extensions, that is perfect for individuals who have thin eyelashes. But, they are expensive and not available widely. So it is advised to call practitioners beforehand.

Choose your application method

When it comes to the application process, the choice is yours!

  • Classic lashes

This 1 lash extension will be attached to your natural eyelash across your lash line. Voila, a vibrant and natural look!

  • Volume lashes

Do you desire a luscious look? Then, volume lashes are for you. In that 1 handmade fan of lash extension, more than 2 lashes attach to your natural eyelash. Finally, you will get a stunning lash line. 

  • Hybrid lashes

Confuse between classic and volume lashes? Then, a hybrid application is a perfect choice for you! Its mixture of classic and volume lashes across your lash line gives you a perfect blend of voluminous and fullness!

  • Mega volume lashes

The mega lash look is salon certified fullness look. We attach a fan of 6+ light lash extensions to your natural lash. The final look you get is bold and shows stopping that no one can look away, we promise!

Go for the perfect lash level

There are 3 different lash level options, classic, volume, and hybrid, to choose from:

  • Natural levels offer you a whole look.
  • The dramatic level offers a fuller look
  • Extreme level provides you the fullest voluminous look.

Wrapping up:

Were you done going through each step? Great! Confirm your chosen customization and tap into exclusive lash extensions to personalize your look. Considering your unique face and eye profile, the lash artist will select the best lash length, thicknesses, and final placements to put on your natural lashes. Customize your best look; there is no need to worry!


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