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Care Tips For Eyelash Extensions While Traveling

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At this point, vacation season is in full swing. Of course, you are already into vacation mode as your tropical trip is coming up soon. But we are here to get you ready with the eyelash care you need while you are on vacation. 

Our team of certified lash technicians and experts want to empower our customers and leave you with a fresh classic lashes set that will make you feel confident all summer long, especially on vacation.

After all, vacation is a perfect memory capturing place where you can’t afford to look bad. So here we are discussing with you the best tips to keep your extension in the best condition possible while you are on vacation.

Tips to take care while traveling with lash extensions

An important thing to remember is to book your lash refill appointment to a key staple you should pack; each tip will ensure your lashes will be ready to set about on any upcoming travel adventure. 

Before you depart, book a lash refill appointment 

Get done with your refill before you go! Don’t head out of town with your eyelashes looking wack. Your lash line needs to look fabulous and complete, and it needs extra care in summer. So book your lash appointment by searching for an eyelash extension near me before you leave for your awaiting trip.

Beat this scorching heat 

When you are revealing to extreme heat or temperature, your lashes relax the curl or even singe the lashes that make it fall! When you are on the beach, roasting marshmallows, grilling out hotdogs, it is important not to stand too close to an open flame and get the direct heat. Heat can loosen your lash glue and cause them to fall out.

Be mindful while doing activities 

While we are traveling or preparing to go on a trip, it’s impossible to stay away from the sun or sweat. Your lashes are not your top priority, but to us, they are! 

If you spend hours at the sauna, tanning bed in your swimsuits, your lashes will likely get sweaty. And to prevent sweat from affecting your lash, we suggest that you use a towel before your sweat falls to your eyes. If you are experiencing extreme sweat, it is best to rinse and wash off your face so that oil does not harm lashes. 

Lash extension’s significant benefit is that you can have full, lush lashes without using mascara. In addition, you can be make-up-free as it is crucial to be gentle while taking oil-based make-up remover off. It will cause the glue to loosen up your lashes.

Pack your lash shampoo and spoolie brush 

Eyelash extensions demand care in summer, no matter where you are heading, a beach, lake, or campsite in the mountains. The oil, dirt, bacteria that you encounter in any climate can collect in your lashes. 

Always keep in mind to pack your lash shampoo and spoolie brush that you get after your appointment. Use only trusted shampoo that works to have great results specific to your lashes.

Take your trusty polyester blend cloth with you

Remember, regular clothes are not lash extension friendly. Hotels tend to stock core essentials. A polyester blend cloth is your cleansing cloth’s all-time favorite because it won’t pull, snag or catch your lashes.

You can get this cloth when you go to your lash refill appointment. But, trust me; you will love to use this cloth before, during, and well after your travels too!

Clean your lashes immediately after any activity 

Say, for example, you are swimming. Both saltwater and chlorine affect your lash elasticity and retention. So, wherever you are swimming, in a pool, lake, or ocean, we suggest rinsing it with fresh water and washing it with lash shampoo. Always be gentle with your hand and use soft motions when washing your lashes. Don’t tug or pull your lashes that can cause them to pull or fall out of your natural lashes. 

Sunscreen application 

An absolute MUST in all your vacation activities, sunscreen! We surely believe in sunscreen! Unfortunately, many sunscreen brands contain various oils that can run onto lashes and cause extreme shedding. So, take extra care while applying your SPF. Avoid any eye area and let it fully soak in before swimming or sweating. 

Keep up with your daily lash care routine

While you are traveling or not, buildup from products and body oils will accumulate along your lash line, especially while you travel. So make sure to keep your eyelash clean and fresh every day. And use our trusted products to remove make-up.

Bye Bye – Have a safe trip!

Wherever you are going, just remember while you are packing to throw on some of the trusted lash care products in your packing bag. It is always good to stay well prepared with classic lash extension to experience the trip to the fullest! Good to have things when you need them.  


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