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8 Ways to Detox Your Body

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Our body uses food to keep itself alive. But what happens to the food when our body has taken the nutrients and the components out of it? Human body has a systematic way of getting rid of excess materials, whether food, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, salt or waste.

Our body system which help in detox waste out from your body includes kidneys, sweat glands, lungs, and rectum. Human nose and eyes also excrete invading dust and foreign materials. Body waste is the best indicator of good health.

If the detox process is not working properly or is congested then the decaying garbage inside us can cause various health issues including arthritis, ulcers, hypertension, heart attacks, stroke, diverticulitis, skin breakouts and even cancer. Your body will start sending signals to you before major breakdowns occur in the form of simple headaches or lethargy.

The waste in our body is thrown out (detox) through the following channels:





5.Nasal Discharge






How to Detox the Body

1.Drink lots of water: Your brain consists of 80% water, so avoid anything that dehydrates it such as alcohol or caffeine. Water flushes out the toxins from the body and it is important to drink lots of water everyday.

2.Eat fibrous food: Fiber intake makes the bowel easier to pass. You can also take Fiber supplements such as psyllium (isabgol) But don’t forget to drink water as most of the fiber has the tendency to absorb water in the GI track.

This softens the stool which makes it easier to pass out. But too much of fiber without enough water will make the stool hard leading its way to digestive problems.

3.Build your immunity system: The immune system is the most important system of our body when it comes to prevention of diseases.

Increase in the toxic levels in the body weakens our immune system. In order to boost your immunity system it is essential that you focus on eating nutritious diet, take a good sleep and manage your stress levels.

4.Physical Activity: Among its benefits, exercise increases the heart rate and gets the blood pumping, which carries the nutrients to the cells. You inhale more oxygen during the physical activity, to make room for the added oxygen, your cells detox toxins that are occupying the space.

5.Squat not sit: Our traditional Indian style of pooping is the best way and now even the experts and research suggest the same.

Squat position is effective in constipation, hemorrhoids, and helps avoid colon disease.While squatting, the puborectalis muscle relaxes completely, making elimination easier, which is why many experts believe squatting is the perfect position to poop.

While our modern architecture is replacing Indian toilets with Western, one you can to use footstools to get to the squatting position. Your knees should be bent and placed higher than your hips and feet should rest on the footstool.

6.Avoid Refined Sugar: Refined sugars and artificial sweeteners cause the body to block its natural metabolism and build up too much glucose in the blood. Sugar is empty calories and drains the body of minerals and vitamins for its digestion demands. Excess sugar affects every organ in the body.

7.Avoid using aluminum cookware: Aluminum dissolves easily in food and water while cooking. This causes many problems like indigestion, flatulence, skin problems like eczema , hyper-acidity, peptic ulcers and chronic inflammation of the intestine. It also reduces the growth of bone. Use stainless steel or cast iron vessels for cooking.

While Non Sticks are made from either aluminum or its alloys covered with a coating named Teflon which prevents aluminium from dissolving in the food. With use, the Teflon coating gets scratch, giving way to the aluminum to easily mix with food.

Avoid abrasive objects like spoons or scrubbers to the nonstick. High temperature cooking can lead to harmful toxic vapours. It is advisable to cook over low and medium flame with nonstick cookware.

8.Take Antioxidants Daily: The toxins from the waste products and highly reactive molecules called free radicals produced by our body may cause damage to the cells. Oxidative stress can damage the body’s cells, leading to a range of diseases and causes symptoms of aging, such as wrinkles.

Free radicals is a natural phenomena produced in the in the body, and the body itself has the mechanism to fight it. But with age and our lifestyle our body loses its natural ability to fight with the free radicals.

Smoking. alcohol, stress, insomnia, unhealthy diet, pesticides, air pollution etc causes oxidative stress in our body. Antioxidants are molecules that neutralize the oxidation of these molecules.

Natural internal-cleansing mechanisms is maintained by these antioxidants. This in turn prevents lots of chronic diseases and slows the effect of aging.You can get most of the antioxidants by eating a healthy diet.

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About author:- I am certified in addiction counseling, public health, health education, mental health and I am also an AIDS-certified registered nurse with more than 30 years of experience and founder of Hindi health point


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