5 Most Common Questions Related to Bertolotti’s Syndrome?

Bertolotti’s syndrome

Bertolotti’s syndrome might not be a common suspect in lower back pain, but diagnosis can detect and uncover common conditions. 

Bertolotti’s syndrome is an uncommon cause of disturbance in the lower back, focused more on the waistline and slightly off to the side. The syndrome is often confused with sacroiliitis, which affects less than 10% of the population. 

Bertolotti’s syndrome is a rare cause of back discomfort, and a qualified spinal specialist can treat it. And this sort of syndrome is rare, which is not usually the first thing that will pop into your mind. 

What is Bertolotti’s syndrome?

During the development of our spin, the vertebrae located at the sacral region connect to form one bone named the sacrum. The sacrum gets positioned in the nearby space of the pelvis. In the low back, lumbar vertebral bodies together develop separate segments with the discs. 

It is the transverse processes, spinous processes. Having separate and vertebral bodies allows the body to be in motion and move properly. But, during the developmental stage before the birth, some of the patient’s lower lumbar vertebra doesn’t decide to be part of the sacrum. 

It is a transitional vertebrae; it is typically enlarged and often looks like an artificial joint that touches the pelvis. This fake-looking joint in the enlarged transverse process and sacrum can cause inflammation in the low back. 

What are the causes of Bertolotti’s syndrome?

  1. There is an asymmetry in the structure of the lumbar vertebrae. In case the LSTV is fused to the sacrum and the other iliac bone. It can further stress the sacroiliac joint, causing severe back pain, majorly the buttocks. It can result in the lower back due to many situations that lead to inflammation and muscle spasms. 
  1. The pseudo-joint doesn’t have cushion support or lubrication between joints and bones in the body. It will further lead to bone-on-bone grinding resulting in pain and often stresses on the discs.
  1. Sacralization would decrease your spine mobility, speeding up your discomfort from the wear and tear of your vertebrae.

What are the symptoms of Bertolotti’s syndrome? 

The presentation and effect of Bortolotti’s syndrome are comprehensive. The symptoms can range from normal manageable pain to herniated disc and more. It will result in back pain that lasts for a long time or even hip or sacroiliac pain. 

Many individuals suffering from Bertolotti’s start experiencing back discomfort at the early age of ‘20s. The patient often overlooks the back pain considering it to be something else. However, you will realize it only after you diagnose it through tests and doctor’s consultation.

How is Bertolotti’s syndrome diagnosed?

It is not easy for you to understand or differentiate Bortolotti’s syndrome from other pain. As all the pain related to the back may seem ordinary. So, it is through a combination of evaluation and MRI or X-ray imaging that will put you into notice. Doctors can easily identify the actual cause of pain and discomfort! 

Furthermore, with diagnostic injections, if the pain gets alleviated, it is confirmed Bertolotti’s. 

Due to the complicated and rare nature of the syndrome, it is best to reach an expert who can handle the challenging complications. Imaging indicates an interface that can give your doctor an idea of the syndrome. To know the treatment of Bertolotti’s syndrome in your case, visit advantagehcs.com

Is there any treatment for Bertolotti’s Syndrome? 

  • Lifestyle modification can ease up your stress to the affected spinal part. If followed for the long term, it will lead to a good and healthy spine! 
  • Doctors often recommend over-the-counter medications. It will lead you to focus on healing sooner with the medicine. 
  • Physical therapy is the best approach to a quality, stress-free, and pain-free life. It will also build up your stamina and strength, further resulting from easing in mobility. 
  • Prolotherapy is a new form of therapy, an alternative to another treatment plan. It is a combination of concentrated anesthetic and dextrose; both get injected into your affected area. Furthermore, the body will discover its possible natural healing. 

When you are going through the discomfort of Bertolotti’s syndrome that ruins your back and is causing you a lot of trouble, you probably have no idea what to do to get rid of it. Seek advice and information from the Advantage Healthcare system. We can help in determining what sort of treatment is suitable for your condition.

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