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5 Tips For A Successful Switch From Smoking To Vaping

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Smoking is a dangerous habit but is equally addicting. Once you make the decision to quit smoking, the journey can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Many smokers fail one too many times before they successfully ditch the habit. One of the most popular replacement products for smoking is Nicotine.

The debate, whether nicotine successfully diverts people from smoking is ongoing. Nonetheless, there is growing evidence that vaping lures people away from tobacco products. Smokers looking to quit are more likely to be successful if they use e-cigs rather than nicotine gums and patches. 

The transition from smoking to vaping is not without its challenges, but there is no reason you can’t overcome them. You might not be comfortable with the unfamiliar product at the start, but you will soon get the hang of vaping. Best of all, you will be leaving behind a dangerous habit of smoking.

Here are some ways you can have a smooth transition from smoking vaping.

  1. Find The Right Vaping Kit

There is a lot of variety in the e-cig market, and finding the right one for you can be tricky. However, if you are a newbie, a starter kit is the perfect start for you. You can research online the type of equipment that will be best for you. The kit shouldn’t be hard to use or to charge. You can find many videos on the internet that will guide you on how to use the kits. The price of your kit should be mid or high range as cheap kits will fail to deliver the hit you’ll need to kick the smoking habit.

  1. Try Out Diffrent E-Liquids

There are a lot of different e-liquids in the market right now. There are hundreds of flavours and many different brands that you can choose from, such as Nicohit E-liquid, 12 monkeys and many more. Although, as a starter, you can go for a mystery box in which you will receive an assortment of 100ml e-liquids. From there, you can figure out what flavour works best for you and gives you the kick you are after. Many people love to experiment with different flavours such as bubble gum or candy floss, but, as a former smoker, you may prefer flavours like tobacco or mint.

  1. Start Off With Basics

If you are serious about quitting smoking, it’s best to start with the basics rather than getting a complicated mod. Once you have found your vaping feet, you can experiment with different products, but it is wise to wait until you are comfortable. Vaping can get complicated if you don’t know what you are doing, which in return can ruin the experience for you and make it harder to escape cigarettes. Once you get used to it, with the right kit and vaping juice, it can be a fun experience, cheaper than cigarettes in the long run and far less harmful for your health.

  1. Transition Gradually From Smoking To Vaping

The best way to switch from smoking to vaping is to take one step at a time. Once you have decided to quit smoking, gradually insert the use of vapes into your daily routine. Start off by swapping one of your cigarettes with an e-cig break and build it up from there. You will transition full-time into vaping in no time.

It is definitely not an easy transition as you may feel moody and under the weather initially, but those feelings don’t last long and fade away with time. You just have to find it in you to control those feeling for the time being.

  1. Use The Right Nicotine Strength

When making the switch, it is vital that you get the right e-liquid strength. As a smoker, you may feel like a stronger e-liquid will be much suited for you, but that is usually not the case since you might end up with a painful headache. However, if you use one that is too weak, you will feel dissatisfied and end up craving a cigarette.

It is recommended that heavy smokers (20 or more cigarettes a day) shout opt for 18mg nicotine e-liquids, medium smokers (10 to 20 cigarettes a day) should use 12mg nicotine, and light smokers (10 or fewer cigarettes a day) should go for 3mg nicotine. 

Heavy smokers can transition from smoking to vaping 18mg nicotine liquids, but if you want to reduce your nicotine dependency, you can definitely reduce the strength over time

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