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5 Factors To Buy White Granite Countertops 

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The attendance of kitchen counters in modern homes is familiar as they are used as work areas. There are several types of countertops available, including granite. Most people prefer to install granite countertops because they are durable, unlike other types available. In addition, most people prefer countertops because they are heat-tight and do not serve as a condition helpful to the growth of bacteria. The following criteria can be used to know the perfect countertops.

  1. Variety
  2. Cracks
  3. Origin
  4. Color
  5. Needs of granite countertops:


Marble is open in a wide range of varieties with different qualities. The most common varieties are:


When people talk about marble, that’s what they talk about. Carrara is usually white or white with gray veins. Carrara marble is the most basic type on the market and the lowest.

It has the same variety of arts and buildings.


Due to its white color with gray veins, many people mix it with Carrara. While there is the white calacatta, there are other types that have darker and thicker veins.

There are also varieties of gold often purchased by those looking to give their home a luxurious look.


It varies from white to gray to brown. Brown marble is fixed by white or gray veins, which create a nice contrast. Thanks to its elegant colors, Emperador marble looks very elegant in a room with gold or brass furniture.

Crema Marfil:

Often found in light beige or yellow color, Crema Marfil is used in order with darker stones. So, the stone has an irregular pattern and varying vein intensity, giving it a unique look to liven up any room.

For you to choose the suitable variety for your home, work with an experienced marble contractor who will not only help you choose the suitable slab but will also help you install it.


Are there any cracks on the counters? Cracks are a sign that the marble has fallen or been handled poorly. Many people confuse cracks with crevices. You should note that the two are pretty different.

A crack occurs naturally in the stone and does not change the plane of the marble surface.

When buying the stone, scrutinize it and be sure not to throw it away, thinking it has cracks. When a marble slab has cracks, you can slide your nail through the crack without it getting.

So, if you are looking for a stone that gives you a more rustic look, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a cracked slab as they do not change the honor of the stone.


The other factor to consider is the origin of the stone. Due to the high demand for marble, some shady businessmen try to pass fake marble as genuine.

For example, they will take a white stone from China or anywhere else in the world and try to pass it off as Calacatta white marble. When buying, always ask where the marble comes from.

The key to kenning if a plate is actual or not is to have an expert guide you to the stores. The maker will help you with the review and advise you whether or not to buy the stone.


When buying granite countertops, people can choose from the various colors available in the market. People can fix countertops that match the color of the room’s theme. Some of the colors open include golden brown, bright red, dark purple, and black. 

People can install countertops that come in various shapes, including tiles and slabs. Granite tiles are made of leftovers from quarries and other cutting hearts. People can select different types of open in the market. You can choose different models due to the different moving effects they want them to produce. So, check out how much countertops cost to find out more.

Needs of granite countertops:

Where are you trying to install the stone? Because it makes carbonate materials, it reacts to acids like those found in sodas, coffee, juices, alcohol, and salad dressings.

For this reason, you should avoid installing it in the kitchen. If the stone comes into touch with acids, it will result in an incision. Engraving is a process that breaks up the paint, leaving a dull, slightly colored stain in the stone.

While sealing countertops will protect surfaces from stains, it does not prevent etching. 


If you consider installing new countertops in your kitchen, granite countertops are likely on your list of options. After all, it is one of the most used materials in kitchens these days before choosing your new countertops. I hope this information will help you to choose a countertop.


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