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5 Common Mistakes in Logo Designs

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Your logo is the first and the foremost thing of your brand that people notice. It’s additionally the primary symbol for how individuals recognize you, and how they make relationships with your brand. Since it’s excellent to examine your creativity while designing a logo, there are also several basic mistakes that can ruin an otherwise fabulous logo design.

Fortunately, these types of mistakes are easy to correct if you understand exactly what you are doing. In this article, we have laid out the top logo errors which often appear. So let’s get started:

1: Colors

Many worst-looking logo designs that we see include a poor usage of colors. Colors are intrinsically connected to our sentiments as signs to assist us in navigating the world. When providing company logo design services, consider the color as part of the personality or body language of the brand. Knowing the psychology behind colors is necessary to create an awesome logo. 

By keeping this in your mind, your logo needs to match the brand. One of the most severe logo errors you can do is to utilize colors that are not showing up anywhere in the brand identity. This thing should be avoided at all costs.

2: Depending too much on Trends

The design industry is usually controlled by several design trends from time to time. Most of the time logo designers in Singapore make the mistake of creating a logo according to the latest design trends.

The logo design of a company is its identity symbol and thus it should be timeless and if it is designed according to the trends, then it might start looking outdated over time. Trends come and go and that is why depending too much on these trends while designing a logo, might do more harm than good to the organization. However, you are free to always take inspiration from the trends but ensure that the logo you create is long-lasting, different, and eye-catching.

3: Improper Usage of Typefaces

A great typeface will be able to create a logo design that will look extraordinary and on the other hand, a bad typeface will make it look improper. 

When it comes to choosing a typeface, a logo designer has to make a smart choice. The usage of too many typefaces in a single logotype should be avoided for having the best outcomes. Every typeface has a personality and you as a designer has to choose a font reflecting the styles of icon and coinciding with the brand’s message.

Although several logo creators usually add too many typefaces in order to design the logo to make it attractive, but they end up creating the one that looks unprofessional. However, t is suggested that you add 1 or 2 typefaces while designing a logo rather than various typefaces.

4: A Complex Design

Your logo design should be simple and effective. The real meaning of the logo gets lost if your logo design is complicated and your target audience struggles to understand the purpose behind your logo. You can see all the well-known brands’ logo designs such as Apple, Nike, Mac Donalds, all are having simple yet memorable logo designs. 

So, as a logo designer in Singapore, you should have simplicity in the design of your logo, thus making it memorable for the people.

5: Plagiarism

The aim of a logo is to symbolize an organization but if designers copy or steal the idea from the work of other designers, then it can negatively influence the organization’s branding. Furthermore, plagiarism might also result in legal ramifications, thus making you pay a hefty price for the same.


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