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Canada Investor Visa Program

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Canada Investor Visa allows eligible investors to invest in Canada without the need for an immigrant visa. This is a must-do for investors looking to increase their investment portfolio in Canada. As a Foreign investor you can buy new Canadian corporations or existing Canadian businesses for safe, reliable returns while being able to keep most of your money in Canada instead of in your home country. For those already in Canada it gives the option to take advantage of the many tax benefits available to investors, allowing more room for future growth. There are no limits on the amount of investments you can make or receive so you can continue adding to your investment portfolio as an active investor and take advantage of the benefits of owning real estate in Canada.

Canada Investor Visa is a program introduced in 2021 that allows Immigrants to invest in Canada. The Quebec Investor Program (QIIP) is currently the only Canadian non-immigrant passive investor program without age or language requirements, no age or residency requirements and no minimum purchase or sale prices, giving you full freedom to invest in Canada and the opportunity to diversify your portfolio for years to come, at the right time for the best price, before you reach retirement age. The program allows immigrants to become citizens of Canada, retain their citizenship and apply for a Canadian citizenship card. Immigrants do not need to have a financial investment history as they will be issued one of a limited number of investment dollars per year for use on investing in Canada. It is a non-immigrant program that focuses on investors rather than on permanent residents.

Investors can also choose other investment programs such as the Canadian Investment Secure Partnership (CISP), a program that offers two types of investment funds. The first is a cash fund that is invested in a variety of assets including equities, preferred stocks, options, fixed income securities and emerging market funds. The second type of investment is an infra-red trust, which allows investors to purchase funds that are restricted in the types of assets they can purchase. Funds are usually held within a managed account. Another type of investment is an offshore fund, which allows investors to fund their accounts in areas outside of Canada where laws do not require documentation of investment funds. These can be great options for individuals who travel extensively and wish to keep the ownership of their property and account current.

The benefits of investment immigration programs for Canadian citizens include the ability to access capital from abroad, tax free income and the ability to have money sent to you regularly, either via automatic transfer or as a wire transfer. Investors can also qualify for immigration sponsorship from a Canadian employer or other relative and gain the benefits of having a work permit and resident status. Investors can also access the investor program for corporations and businesses and increase the potential for growth within your own company and increase your own equity. Being admitted to Canada as a visitor does not entitle you to investment immigration program status.

In order to take advantage of the investor program, potential immigrants must meet a series of requirements designed to assess the potentiality of having investment funding. If at least one year of investment in Canada has been documented, then the investor program may allow for consideration. The Immigration Program Office will determine if the applicant has the potential to fund investments in Canada and therefore meet the investor program criteria. There are many rules and regulations related to immigrants and investors, so if you are planning on immigrating to Canada to invest, it is best to consult an experienced immigration lawyer or the Canadian Immigration authorities to ensure your investment, your status and your hard earned money, are in good hands.

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