5 Chatbot Testing Tips Your Business Needs To Know

chatbot testing

Chatbots are not only about sending automated messages. They add value to your business conversations with their content-driven intelligence and aim to solve consumer problems efficiently. Enterprises are using chatbots to not only interact with end-users but also to study their habits and behavior. With the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots are becoming much more human-like.

However, if you are new to the world of chatbots, you might be wondering about ways to make them efficient. The solution  is simple: through chatbot testing. Now the next question is: how do you test chatbots efficiently? 

To answer this question, we have come up with 5 chatbot testing tips that your business should know while testing your bot:

  1. Running a Domain-Specific Test

When building a chatbot, it is difficult to include every single question and expression related to user queries. It would take hours to compile all possible scenarios and feed them into a chatbot. But still, you have to set a questionnaire structure for the bot to answer. The testing experts should revisit the script and include all the niche terms necessary for the stage of the conversation. If the offerings are varied, it will take more time to run domain tests. Also, each member of the chatbot testing team should cumulatively assess every domain before launching.

  1. Error Handling

Your chatbot should be ready for handling unexpected queries. What if a user enters a query that’s not related to your domain? Indeed, you can’t accommodate all the inquiries of the users. However, instead of showing errors, your chatbot should be able to tackle them professionally. For example, suppose you have an appointment booking chatbot, but the user asks “What’s the weather outside?” The query is not related to your domain, but the bot has to answer it somehow. So, instead of leaving the query unanswered or showing an error, you may add a response like “Sorry, but I cannot process the query. However, if you want to schedule an appointment, I can help you with that!”. This is one of the examples of error handling in chatbot testing.

  1. Testing Chatbots Conversational Flow

The unique selling proposition of a chatbot is its ability to use natural processing language to make communication organic and unobtrusive. It can hold conversations on your behalf with the customers. But if the conversations are not engaging, you can lose a lot of prospects. You need to focus on the following questions:

  • Does my chatbot understand the user’s queries?
  • Is my bot able to promptly respond to the user’s queries?
  • Are the responses accurate and relevant?
  • How many conversational steps does my bot take?
  • How is my bot affecting the user engagement stats?

Follow these questions to analyze your bot concerning conversation flow, tone, style, and language. By testing the conversational flow of your chatbot, you will find a way to make the conversation interesting and enriching.

  1. Performing Developing Testing

It’s a test performed by developers while creating a chatbot. While performing validation and verification tests, they can set user inquiries and predefine the chatbot’s replies. It will enable you to analyze whether the bot is giving accurate answers to out-of-the-box questions or not.

  1. Run Multiple Tests

From a non-functional standpoint, running performance tests to analyze the speed at which a chatbot responds is a good practice. Also, security testing will help you check whether the authentication and encryption of conversations are secure or not. It will ensure that your chatbot adheres to regulatory compliance. 

Wrapping Up

Chatbot testing is an important part of the chatbot lifecycle. You have to rely on a professional QA expert who can address the quality issues in your product in a more comprehensive way. The best way is to outsource chatbot testing to a trusted QA and testing company. Partner with QASource for best-in-the-industry chatbot testing services and improve the performance and quality of your chatbot.

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