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5 Best masonry services for home owners

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Masonry is an ancient trade that has been around since the time of the pyramids. Today, masons are still heavily involved in new construction projects and even home renovations. There are a lot of important masonry services that a mason provides to homeowners, but many people don’t know what they all mean. This blog post will discuss some of the most important ones, including brick repointing, chimney repair, and concrete repair.

Masonry Restoration

Masonry restoration services are when a mason is brought in to repair, restore or rebuild an old building. This is typically done as an act to fix damages or defects caused by time, decay, fires, earthquakes etc. Most of the time, experts are hired to restore a historical building. However residential and commercial building also requires restoration to fix damages and defects.

Brick Repointing

Brick repointing is when the mortar between bricks has deteriorated, and a new layer of mortar needs to be put in place. Brick pointing might seem like a simple, straightforward process. But it can be complicated and difficult for those who are unfamiliar with the process.

Professionals should only do brick point work because incorrectly doing it could lead to structural damage or hazards when there’s an earthquake or other natural disaster event nearby. It also requires specific equipment such as masonry hammers, trowels, mortar mixers and hand tools. If you don’t have these things handy, then let your professional finish up.

Bricklaying Services

Bricklaying is the process of making a building by laying down brick, block or stone. Bricklaying is one of the construction trades, making it an important masonry service for many private homeowners as well.

Bricklaying can be carried out with other materials such as concrete blocks to make buildings, fences or paving slabs. However, bricks are most often used in these cases because they’re relatively cheap and easy to manufacture, so there’s less expense on transport too.

Specialist companies like Atlantic Brick and Stone offer everything you need when it comes to building your new brick wall or even a complete home.

Chimney repair

When a chimney develops severe cracks or spalling and is no longer safe to use, it needs repair. This may involve removing the old mortar from the inside of the smoke chamber and rebuilding it with new brick. It can also include replacing damaged bricks on the exterior, such as crumbling away until they become too dangerous for someone to brush up against them. The hemlock cap at the top of many chimneys might need either removal or replacement if not in good condition, so be sure to check this detail before purchasing an older home that previous owners have neglected over time).

Concrete repair

Concrete repair services are important for any building or structure that has concrete as the main material.

For example, the surface of a concrete slab is typically covered by one or more layers of asphalt, tar paper, and roofing felt. Asphalt degrades over time due to exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and causes cracks on the slabs that can lead to costly structural problems. Repairing these cracks with an injection sealant will prevent water infiltration into your home or business while also slowing down unwanted wear-and-tear effects on your driveway. So every homeowner needs to check for any concrete damage and call immediately for masonry work for concrete repair.


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