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3 Important Frequently Asked Question About Home Painting Services

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Is high-quality house paint for my interiors worth the investment?

Fresh hues can boost the appearance of your interiors to a considerable extent. You might have paid through your nose to get premium furniture and curtains, but unless you have the right colors and sheen on your walls, you can’t see the desired effect of an excellent interior job done. Hence it may be advisable to hire the best interior painting service in town to get the desired results.

How does sheen make a difference in the interior painting?

The sheen affects the look and feel of colors. Glossier finishes give a premium look and are easy to clean, but flatter finishes can hide minor imperfections with dexterity. Hence it would help if you chose the right hues with the right sheen to have the desired effect of the colors. At Sunshine Home Painting Service, they are the improvement king, and they help you with the best sheen. Their meticulous approach will help you with the best quality paints and finish in the town.

Do the paints on the interiors and exteriors change automatically over time? What is the cost of exterior house painting in Kolkata?

If water-based paints are used on the interiors and exteriors, they will be susceptible to wear and tear. Adverse weather conditions can make the colors fade away over time resulting in different hues. It depends on the design, color or combinations you choose, as well as the type of service you need whether painting or renovation. The average cost of exterior home painting in Kolkata is INR 18 per square foot. If you opt for high-quality paint it will cost you between INR 22 to 25 per square feet. The cost may increase if your wall needs additional repairing services for cracks and holes. The price of putty and primer is also added along with labor charge.


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