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Reduce Physician Prior Authorization Hindrance with Sunknowledge

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Physicians prior authorization delay is one of the challenges which many healthcare practices have to undergo. According to a report, 20 to 30% of medication prescriptions are often left incomplete which is directly tied to prior authorization delays; thus causing

  • a negative effect on the patient mind and clinical outcome
  • adornment of treatment etc

This is why delays in physician’s prior authorization should be prevented. Moreover, with the ever changing billing rules and rising healthcare costs, catering to a seamless prior authorization has become a challenge for many healthcare practices.

It does not end here; finding experienced authorization experts who can handle your authorization initiation, approval, updates are another area of challenge for many healthcare practices with every day’s shrinking reimbursement. Not to forget, the authorization errors which can badly affect a healthcare provider’s credibility and can lead to heavy and irrevocable penalties. However, all these can be avoided with the right operational extension by your side handling your prior authorization. 

Sunknowledge Services trim down your physician prior authorization complication: 

With a complete understanding of the authorization process and its regulation, different insurance and payers requirements, Sunknowledge Services Inc is one of the leading authorization solutions catering to more than 28 specialties in the US. Ensuring compliance with clinical regulations, Sunknowledge experts are in fact is known for increasing your authorization rate by 1.5-2x. Submitting 100 % prior authorization on the same day, our experts further ensures regular audit ensuring complete operational transparency.

Taking care of all your complex physicians’ prior authorization processes so that you no longer experience any kind of delays, our experts with stringent checks and balances not only maintain clinical compliance audits but further ensure a 99.9 % accuracy rate in the complete process.

Working for more than a decade, we today focus more on patient care management, ensuring a better authorization answer with improved ROI.

So, if you are someone looking to reduce your physician prior authorization delay and faster collection, we are your answer with the track record of the highest productivity metrics in the US.


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