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10 Key Considerations In Preparing ACS Skill Assessment Employment Reference Letter

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ACS skill assessment authority checks the eligibility of a potential ICT engineer who either doesn’t have an ICT degree or not even a tertiary qualification. ACS’s main purpose is to select those having the capability of working in the Australian ICT sector to contribute to its economic growth.

Now, the question comes up how you can show your skills and experience that can help you present yourself and your eligibility equal to an Australian ICT degree. The simple answer to this question is the employment reference letter.

However, a faulty or ambiguous reference letter can bring an unwanted result. Therefore, it must be mistake-free with a clear-cut and point-to-point description of your work journey. It must be written strictly following the guidelines laid down by the RPL Australia ACS authority. Apart from that, everything has to be balanced and without exaggeration.

There are many important points to be kept in mind to write a flawless reference letter. So, read the 10 key considerations in preparing ACS skill assessment employment reference letter given below and prepare for successful immigration to Australia as an ICT professional engineer:

1. Relevancy and fulfillment of the expected standard:

Your work experience has to be equivalent to a professional ICT engineer level. That’s why you should know your eligibility first and how to put it on paper.

Furthermore, the work experience has to be in harmony with the occupation you selected from the ANZSCO occupation list. These two points must be kept in mind to prove yourself as a qualified ICT engineer.

2. Clearly mentioning the start and end dates

You must show the start and end date of every job following a DD/MM/YY format in the reference letter. In the case of ‘Current’ use the term ‘To Date’ and write the date on which your reference letter was written.

3. Don’t show invalid work experience

If your work experience is gained as a part of a qualification, then it will not be accepted for skilled employment. The authority will report it as ‘Concurrent Employment’.

4. Show your work hours clearly

ACS considers a period of 20 hours per week a sufficient period to be considered as a full-time job. Therefore, you must keep in mind the required hours when mentioning the full-time or part-time work in the letter. If fulfilling this requirement, clearly write the hours you worked for.

5. Put specific details

Every reference you make has to contain specific information from your employer. It must show the duties you performed, and the skills you used in your work. Making a reference without specific details will lead to the evaluation as ‘Not suitable due to lack of information.

6. rite the country name you worked in

You must write the name of the country in which you have worked. In the case of having worked in many countries for a particular company, your employment reference letter should clearly show the dates and locations where you worked.

7. Don’t forget the signature 

An employment reference letter with the signature of the authority is considered invalid in the eyes of the ACS skill assessment authority. Therefore, it must be signed by your employer or any personnel with authority in the company you worked for. The signing person’s name, designation, contact information, and the like must be put in the letter.

8. Avoid copying

You must show the real situations in which you worked. If you try to copy from somewhere, then it will make your letter fake, copied, or exaggerated.

ACS sees and checks innumerable applications like yours daily, so don’t try to deceive them. a genuine and honest employment reference letter is the most powerful weapon to win this war. So, don’t underestimate the sharpness of the assessing authority.

9. Your reference must be validated

An authorized notary has to certify your employment reference letter; it will be considered invalid without it. The ACS skill evaluation authority only pays attention to the certified reference letter. The letters not certified are not deemed worth assessing.

10. Take ACS RPL professional writing services

Last but not least, despite having all the information given in this article, if you feel the need for professional writing help for ACS RPL, then take one. Remember that a professional knows how to prepare a delicate and serious report like this. so, go for one.

If you don’t do so, your negligence or overconfidence will come up as a reason for your RPL rejection. So, take this point into account.

If you think the information given here is insufficient for you, then feel free to call us for further information or consultation regarding the RPL ACS skill assessment.


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