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10 Google Tips for Teachers and Students

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We know how strong Google is, and we can make it more powerful if we know the right strategies. We can find nearly every piece of information on Google. Students consider Google as their private tutor. Moreover, Google can help students in getting good grades on their online tests. If you are wondering how I am going to Do My Online Course,do not worry. Google can help you prepare for it. Google provides a whole platform for teachers and students, and that is Google Classroom. It can help students and teachers in organizing things.

Thus, it makes everything convenient for academics. Below are ten tips through which both teacher and students can get benefits.

Advance Profiling in Google Sites

Google Sites offers us a unique feature of a digital portfolio. Using Google sites is free. The interface is very user-friendly and anyone above the age of 13 can use it easily.  Both students and teachers can use it for educational purposes and can enjoy multiple benefits of using it.

Teachers can make digital student portfolios to track the progress of students throughout the school. It is an excellent approach to monitor your students without doing anything. You can create different pages and student sites there. This will help you in making your classroom interactive and engaging for the students by providing them with a collaborative learning environment. Moreover, you can add scheduled work, links, artifacts, and many more things.

In the end, when the students are about to graduate, they will have an outstanding digital portfolio. You can add your work, projects, and achievements on the digital portfolio which students can use afterward for job hunting. It will also help you in enhancing your digital literacy skills. You can even use it to increase your knowledge by contributing to the classroom and organizing your course materials. You can add files, presentations, documents, links, and much more to get access and to share it whenever you want.

Auto Response Endorsement in Google Forms

How do teachers provide feedback to hundreds of students at once after they submit their forms? Well, they use auto-response validation. It is a feature available in Google Forms. Response validation is an excellent method to overcome this issue, as it can offer custom responses for queries. The teacher can provide generated answers or ask the students for feedback.

It is one of the best ways to maintain communication in online learning. In remote learning, as a teacher, you can post your response or feedback to the students which can easily be accessed by every individual. Similarly, as a student, you can give feedback, ask questions or take feedback from your teachers related to your academic progress or status easily. Enabling auto-response in Google form is quite easy. You just need to enable the setting from the Google form and click on the response tab to get an automatic response. Thus, you can use Google forms to make your online learning easy.

Monitor Students on a Single Screen Using Google Slides

You can make a presentation in which every student has their workspace. It is a feature known as shared presentation in Google Slides. You can announce a task for students and let them do it in their slides. This way, you will not need to check on every single student. Instead, every student’s work will be there on a single shared screen. Thus, you can use a master slide sorter to monitor all of the progress at once. Else, by clicking on an individual’s slide, you can solely see their work as well.

Google slides are very easy to use and should be used in classrooms instead of PowerPoint presentations. As it allows students to share their work with teachers and their fellow mates easily. For example, if you and your group mates are working on the same slides at your own place, you can edit the slides at the same while sitting in different places. It shows that it is easy to access. It is a fun and smart way to study!

Use the “People” Tab to Email

Are you tired of emailing students or different groups separately? Well, this feature can eliminate this issue for you. You can send emails to all of your students at once by selecting all students in the people tab. To put everyone in action and emails, click on the checkbox of all students. It is a time-saving approach for announcing new changes or seeking the attention of your students. The people page also allows you to view the complete details of the students present in the course. You can view their complete profile and have an idea of who is enrolled in the course.

Similarly, as a student, you can get anyone’s attention and focus after the classroom by using the “People” tab. For instance, if you want to invite your friend or your teacher for a group discussion you can use this tab. It also allows you to enable the notification so if someone joins the group, you will be notified immediately. It also organizes your students’ group by organizing the data and aligning all the information.

Use Google Forms to Take Information from You

You may have to go through a lot of Google Forms and different surveys. Teachers can use Google Forms as a form of short quizzes to collect student data. However, you can use these forms in more sensible ways. This time, create a form for yourself. What data would you need to acquire from yourself on a daily routine? Your regular collection of info is vital, and you can put all-day data into a spreadsheet by using Google Forms for yourself.  The form will ask you questions and help you gather your daily analytics into a safe place. Plus, you will not need to save the data manually.

On the other hand, Google forms are very beneficial for students as well. As a student, you can use Google Forms to gather information and data for writing your dissertations, thesis papers, or for carrying out information. You can easily create simple forms to carry out experiments and gather opinions from different recipients easily. Google Forms, thus, is a time-saving way, which allows you to gather a large amount of information digitally instead of manual collection. It also allows you to create a response with all the statistics and feedback.

Prefilled Links in Google Forms to Avoid Mistakes

Finding mistakes in a simple survey form is annoying. Many students and even parents usually fill out the Google Form inappropriately. Imagine sending them a survey to collect data, but all you get are grammatical mistakes. Mistakes in a form can end up as a collision of data. That is why there is a reminder to fill them out carefully whenever you are filling a form. However, you can get rid of this scenario by putting prefilled values in the blanks.

If you want users to fill in an expected answer in the form, you can simply make a prefilled link. It works as a suggestion. For instance, whenever a user fills a field, a drop-down suggestion will help the user. Plus, the user can click it to use it as their answer.

To link up the responses of the Google Form into the spreadsheet is one of the challenging tasks for teachers. The chances of linking the wrong response to the spreadsheet increase therefore, to avoid the issues prefilled Google Forms is the best method. Not only this but creating pre-filled forms also help your students to be efficient with form filling submissions and saves your classroom time

Using Altered Versions of Google Docs

Do you know, whenever you create or modify Google Docs, it automatically keeps a backup of older versions? For instance, if you need to get the older Doc version, you can still get it after changing it. You can go through the older versions at any time too. If you want to review them, go to the File tab and click version history. There you will see every version and changes you made to the Doc.

Furthermore, you can also put in the name of a particular version of Doc to quickly get it without the hustle. This way, you can keep working on the current version while having the old version too. You can call this method an alternate approach to the rough draft and final draft.

Use Live Captions for Transcription with Google Slides

If you want to transcribe whatever you are saying in your lecture, use live captions. It automatically and immediately transcribes your words onto the screen during the slides presentation. This approach can help you by not putting in multiple slides to transcribe what you are saying. You can summarize everything with captions by simply using a single screen. Plus, it is beneficial for the students who have disabilities in listening. They can read the captions to understand what is going on in the slides.

Other than this, if any of your students are unable to understand your language belonging to a different country. He or she can understand your lectures with the help of captions. Similarly, students can make their presentations and videos more captivating for their teachers and fellow mates in the classroom by using live captions.

Adding captions in your videos and recorded lectures is easy now. Google slides automatically add captions by using your microphone. To enable live caption, you need to press the Ctrl or CMD + Shift + C. it is a shortcut key for enabling the captions otherwise you can enable the option manually.

Use Move to Top

A helpful tool for the instructors and students as well. You can use it to pin the old course material such as assignments and quizzes to the top. There is no better way to seek the attention of your students. You can use the move to top tool to give a reminder about any old task which has moved down in a number of tasks. Plus, you can use it to let them know regarding their pending tasks. This tool can resolve the procrastination issue.

Similarly, students can use this Move to Top tool to organize the work. You can manage a pile of assignments, quizzes, and so on according to your deadlines. Thus, it is an effective way to manage up your work and to get done with every task without forgetting or missing any deadline.

Voice Typing In Google Docs

Another amazing feature of Google that can help you as a teacher and as a student is voice typing in Google Docs. Yes, Google Docs has now a speech to text built-in feature which is popular among students and teachers. It has eased up our lives as you can dictate all kinds of words, sentences, listings, etc. into Google Docs within no time. All you need is a working microphone in your device and your work is done. You can even dictate your text with formatting and proper punctuation and that too in any language!

It is an amazing tool that saves you a lot of time which you waste in typing, for our speaking speed is more than our writing speed. It is beneficial for teachers to give handy notes to their students using voice typing. Similarly, this feature in Google Docs is a wonderful aid to the students who are unable to type or to the young learners who cannot spell the words properly. It is one of the best tips which teachers and students should definitely use.


Teachers can get uncountable benefits and ease of access, all in one place. Therefore, Google certainly saves a lot of our time. Not solely teachers, but Google can assist students throughout their exams. Even I usually do my online exam with the help of Google.

Exploring Google is so deep, but knowing the appropriate strategies of exploration can make it easier. Google changes its algorithms frequently, sometimes adds new features, and sometimes removes the old ones. Well, the fact is that there is no way a person can use every tool of Google. However, Google puts every essential tool for teachers and students in the Classroom platform.


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