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Women’s Clothing Trend: How to Wear Bodycon Dresses?

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Women’s bodycon dresses are not trends, to be exact. They are style statements. These dresses allow women to show off their curves beautifully rather than hiding them away.

Contrary to popular belief, who thinks bodycon dresses aren’t for everyone, it looks flattering on almost all body types. They add certain oomph to your wardrobe and builds confidence.

However, there are tricks to pull off this style with confidence. Here are some ways to make the bodycon dress more flattering:

Show off your best features

Bodycon, especially ribbed bodycon dresses, are all about you and your confidence.

Honestly, most women’s clothing boutiques are overflowing with different bodycon options. But think before buying.

Where do you want to draw attention? Is it your collar bones? Then choose something with a plunging neck or off-shoulder. If you have long legs, a mid-thigh dress would be the perfect length for you.

Wear shapewear for that classic hourglass figure

Wondering how celebrities master bodycon dresses?

The secret is shapewear!

Invest in good-quality shapewear to enhance your curves and bring out the best shape of your body. Even if you have a little tummy, shapewear can easily hide them by smoothing out any bulges.

Even if a flat tummy isn’t your concern, it can conceal panty lines which is a blessing in disguise!

NO Flats

A fabulousbodycon dress needs heels. Period.

Bodycon dresses are the epitome of classy and sexy. Wearing flats can totally ruin the look.

We get that not all of us is a fan of stilettoes, and that’s fine. Pumps, wedges, kitten heels—there are tons of options!

This added height will give you poise and elongate your silhouette.

Practice self-love

Instead of being ashamed of how your body looks, practice self-love. It can be really powerful to build your self-confidence.

We women judge our bodies a lot. Learn to appreciate your unique features. Give a compliment or two to yourself standing in front of a mirror. Wear your favourite dress if that helps.

The more confident you are, the more killer you will look rocking that beautiful women’s bodycon dress.

Minimise use of accessories

Although much of women’s high-street clothing can be accessorised, the bodycon dress isn’t one of them.

Cluttering up accessories will shift the focus away from your figure and the dress itself. Let the dress be the centre of attention by playing down accessories.

You can choose either some danglers or a statement neckpiece or bracelets for a touch of elegance.

Go for thicker fabrics

Thin, flimsy fabric for a body-hugging dress is a big no. They might accentuate some features, but they tend to cling to the wrong areas.

Also, thinner fabrics can be really uncomfortable for movement. Instead, choose a ribbed bodycon dress from a women’s online clothing brand in the U.K

It will give a more structured and cleaner look. Thicker fabrics add to the personality of the dress.

Showing too much isn’t necessary

While we love a high-thigh slit and some skin, for a bodycon dress, it’s always “less is more.”

Choose to show any one of your features. If you have long legs, opt for a thigh-high dress with a high neckline. Keep the rest of the details simple, devoid of cut-outs.

Having too many cut-outs will take away from the shape of the dress. Let the silhouette speak for itself.

Pick darker colours

A shade of a dress speaks a volume. While we endorse any colour that looks good on you, but if you are concerned about a few pounds, darker colours are your best bet.

Darker colours like navy or black tend to hide any problem areas and look more flattering. It’s edgier and gives you the right amount of confidence.

Now that you know what to do and what not to do for women’s bodycon dresses, how about finding one for yourself?

They can be worn to anything—dates, cocktails, office parties, even weddings. A well-fitted bodycon dress can bring out the inner diva in anybody!

So, without waiting, browse through Diva Boutiques, one of the trendiest women’s online clothing stores in the U.K., and find a gorgeous bodycon dress for you!


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