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Why Sean Robbins leaving Oregon Business

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Sean Robbins Portland, who quickly climbed Oregon’s business development rating to lead the state economic development body, decided to leave his position “for closer and caring for” family in the state of Wisconsin.

In the email sent to business leaders Wednesday morning, Robbins said his decision to leave his job after about a year, was “Bittersweet.”

This is an email text

 Edited for style; which Robbins sent Wednesday morning. Oregon is a special place with a rich history. It has become an honor to serve as Director of the Oregon Business Development Department. Therefore, they bitterly resigned as directors. My wife and I have made a difficult decision, but we need to move home to Wisconsin for closer and caring for families. As you know, Kristy and I have two young sons (eight and six) and give them grown gifts with two grandparents left, cousins, aunts, and uncles are something we can only do from the Midwest. I will continue as the director of the Governor of Brown, and his team looks for a replacement.

The causes of economic and security opportunities are essential to work, and I am proud of our progress to help the country’s economy grow. Since 2014, the agency has revolved for a modern approach to economic development, replacing recruitment-led incentives with support for existing business expansion and entrepreneurial startup.

We started seeing the results.

We took the department on the road crossing Oregon to hear what people needed from us. And we expand the pipeline of agency business development by helping companies that have called Oregon home. So we have seriously considered the call to help rural Oregon make catalytic investments in the unmanned air system industry that promises the country. We step forward to partner with exporting small businesses to identify short-term and long-term solutions in the light of service interruptions at Portland Port. Together, these actions, and others like it, realize the idea that the growth of quality work first by growing our own.

Of course, there is always more to do. But I am proud of the trajectory we have set and believe that the department is on the right track. So, again, I want to thank you for your honor and privilege to serve Oregon with you.

Robbins, End of Greater Portland Inc

Said this trip was a welcome chance to connect with the old Friends of the Oregon business.

Collectively, the export of Oregon to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan exceeded $ 6 billion and grew at an annual rate of 13 percent, according to Oregon business figures.

“Oregon has a tradition to prioritize economic relations throughout the world and especially in Asia. So it is important for me to continue the relationship, some of them many years,” he said shortly before leaving in the first leg, which took him to Beijing. Robbins said he hoped to advance discussions about the offer of funds in Oregon.

The Oregon business collaborated with Portland officials on several visits. Port officials also traveled this week. Both will unite to discuss the opportunity to increase the number of ships calling for Portland with officials in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


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