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Why are there people who don’t like to travel?

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This is precisely why we are so struck by people. Who does not seem to show any interest in leaving their country or even their city?

We look at them with the same face of stupefaction and curiosity. Which we would look at an alien that has just got off the ship. While we are dying to open their heads in half and observe their brains closely to decipher the mystery.

However, all that skull-peeling is a bit of a job in the end (and it leaves everything lost). We decided to go the other way and talk to an expert in the field.

Our chosen one is Maximiliano Korstanje. Doctor in the Department of Economic Sciences of the University of Palermo (Argentina). And in the CERS (Center for Ethnicity and Racism Studies) of the University of Leeds (United Kingdom). A gentleman who ** has published lots of super interesting articles on the anthropology of tourism **.

He will be who will shed light on a subject as desencajamandíbulas like this without a scalpel.

But let’s start at the beginning: what determines the taste for travel? ” Two tendencies coexist in man “, explains Korstanje.

“The nativist, who values ​​everything known, sameness. Regularity, and standardization -because all this together gives us security. And the tourist who seeks the new in order to break the routine. Both are alternated in the life of a person. When the tourist tendency is stronger than the nativist, the subject decides to travel. The opposite is also true; this tourist decides to return when the nativist tendency takes control of his behavior again, “he concludes.

If this works like this, we must have the tourist trend through the roof! But what else differentiates us from those who do not love to hit the road?

“As a general rule, they are traditionalist people, very territorial, whose practices are routine. What prevails is the ritualism that compensates for the internal fears of abandonment, or in the case of the trip, of death .” Here we see again that the trip-death binomial go hand in hand . But if you think about it, it makes sense: isn’t the journey the death, for a time, of “normal” life?

Korstanje agrees: “Traveling not only involves learning about new customs, or temporarily getting rid of daily norms, but stepping into the unknown. If home represents comfort and security, that is the known, travel (such as death ) implies a temporary break not only with that safe home but also with family ties. “

“For this reason, we all feel a tingling when we go on vacation, but some can control it by putting the benefits of the trip first while others cannot. The latter are people who, due to various circumstances, are deprived of being able to travel, ” he continues.

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However, our expert investigates a little more about the notion of death: “It is very common to observe that people who have suffered the death of a close relative see their psychic exploration system deteriorated and take refuge at home. break with the everyday, people with low self-esteem or internal insecurities that close the other have problems to do so. No less true is also that the mass media negatively influence, with bad news (terrorism, natural disasters), the decision to travel. “

“Basically”, Korstanje summarizes, “traveling implies a risk, which cannot be controlled in advance.

The inability to travel implies a limitation to accept that I cannot control everything. In those people in whom control over others and about the environment is total, traveling implies a great challenge that, sometimes, they cannot face “.

Curiously, speaking of the risk of traveling, our scholar provides us with a surprising clarification: “For this reason, all-inclusive packages have emerged. These, like the travel agent, are associated with reducing the risk that the traveler feels before arriving at their destination. Those people who have a low tolerance for uncertainty, or who tend to control everything, are reluctant to travel, and at the same time, they also tend to have problems sleeping. Tourism, in some way, would function as a true dream mechanism, very similar to the dream. “

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