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What to wear this Eid and summer season

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Fashion is not meant to be static. Neither it stays for a long time nor it’s the same when brought back. However, some traditions are so deep-rooted and strong that no fashion trends can change them. Such traditional dresses and clothes are timeless pieces. They can be worn by a specific gender at any age or any century perhaps. Shalwar Kameez is one of those gent’s kurta designs that has remained the same over the years with a few changes here and there. With the plenty of fabrics, colours and designs available in the market, it’s a little confusing for men as to what to get and wear. Eid is about to arrive and the clothe market is flooded once again.

Some articles get out of stock right away. Because they are so eye-catching that almost everyone wants to purchase them. Here’s a tip from us so that you don’t miss out on the top seller article.

Grab the top seller.

There are quite a few leading men’s clothing brands in Pakistan that offer A-class quality fabric and stitching. Pasha Fabrics, Dynasty Fabrics, Khaadi, Sapphire, Gul Ahmed, Junaid Jamshed are a few of those high-end and best kurta brands in Lahore that have got the finest and purest fabrics. Talking about hot sellers, you should always check out the nearest stores nearby. And if the stores run out of that specific article, the next resort is to check out that article in the readymade men’s wear section at some other store. If bad luck has struck you hard, the last option is to check out on the official website. Do this exercise at least two weeks before your main event or Eid. So that you have plenty of time to try on the stitched kurta shalwar and see if you need to get it exchanged or altered.

Unstitched clothes versus Stitched shirts

It’s always a dilemma, whether to purchase unstitched clothes or stitched shirts. With unstitched pieces, you ought to have a tailor in mind who has mastered the skill of stitching a perfect crisp kurta. That’s just a dream! Desi tailors and the gazillion alteration trips are a story on their own. So why not opt for stitched shirts. You can find these ready to wear kurta designs for men at almost all leading stores. However, if you believe that your tailor can create a masterpiece with his hands, then just a picture will do. Yes, that’s right! Just take a snap of the shirt you have liked and show the design and style to your tailor for stitching.

Quality and comfort comes first

Don’t run after the low prices of stitched men’s summer collection at local shops and stores.  We say it because these low priced clothes are just a scam and sometimes you may be lucky. These are quite low in quality and once washed, they don’t remain the same as they first appeared. It also happens with expensive branded wash n wear fabric Pakistan and other fabrics too. You wear them, they either bleed after a wash or adopt a rough texture and the finishing doesn’t remain the same either. So the tip to keep these clothes in the best possible condition is by gently hand washing them.

Buying online is more convenient

In this era, the world functions on the internet. Our everyday life revolves around gadgets such as mobile and tabs. They have kept us well aware of our surroundings. Saying so, online shopping is now a norm everywhere. Especially with the recent hit of the pandemic in the world, we have learnt how to live with the internet. Online clothes shopping has made lives a lot easier. Brands have also worked hard on their e-commerce models to facilitate the customers with the best of their services.

With this, you can now just simply surf the websites of your favourite men clothing brands in Pakistan and bring them to your doorstep in a matter of 2 to3 days. By doing so, you save a lot of time and the hassle to stand in the long queues of payment and whatnot. Skip this, and just adopt online shopping for clothes and almost everything else.

Latest designs for Eid

Since a few days are left in Eid, and if you still haven’t got your clothes, run to your nearest store or mall and grab a stitched kurta. As there is not ample time for the tailor to give you your mens unstitched fabric turned into a trendy kurta. So drop this idea, and head over to leading brands. You will witness not only the latest Eid collection everywhere but also their seasonal pret and ready to wear clothes in the shop. As for the little ones, we have many options like Minnie Minors, Hopscotch, Zubaidas, Ethnic, Outfitters, etc. So hurry up, as there’s still more time left for you to wear something brand new on this Eid.


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