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What is the Most Expensive G-Shock?

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You can’t really talk about watches without mentioning G-Shock watches. These are considered some of the best watches around and people like to buy them. If you’ve ever been to a department store to find a new watch, it was probably G-Shock coupons that they were looking at. In fact G-Shock watches are so popular with celebrities that they’ve come out with their own perfume and are available at many retailers. G-Shock watches have become so popular that when one of Hollywood’s stars decides to give away a G-Shock watch as a gift you can bet that it will be in the news for a long time.

Personality & Lifestyle

G-Shock watches are a great looking watch and G-Shock has a whole line of watches to fit everyone’s personality and lifestyle. There are a couple of different kinds of G-Shock watches to choose from. Some of these watches have a stainless steel band and others are stainless steel with a leather band. The stainless steel watches look nice and clean and they’re just as nice looking as the cheaper plastic watches. Since the watches are so popular, G-Shock is able to make more styles each year that keep up with the times.

Luxury Watch

What is the most expensive G-Shock? If you find a stainless steel G-Shock watch on sale for $100 or less, you can expect that it is one of the more expensive watches. However, since most G-Shock watches cost over $1000 this shouldn’t be a problem. While they are pricey, you are getting a luxury watch that will last for many years.

Stainless Steel

Some of the different G-Shock watches that are available have some interesting features. For instance, the G-Shock models with a stainless steel band have a leather hand case and band. You also get a stainless steel bracelet and clip on the buckle. Some of the models have a stainless steel bezel on the bezel area. The stainless steel models are probably the most common and are quite popular.

There are a lot of different sizes and designs of G-Shocks. They offer women, men, senior citizens and children. What is the most expensive G-Shock? That depends on who you ask. When it comes to looking at the prices of different G-Shock watches it will depend on what the brand is and how popular that particular watch is.

G-Shock Pro 2

While there are many popular brands of watches available such as Citizen, G-Shock, Omega, Valor, chronograph watches, sports watches, etc. there are some that are more popular than others. One such great timepiece is the G-Shock Pro 2. This watch has a polished face and a sporty look that will fit in with many different outfits.

Classy Leather

Of course, some people do not wear watches so much as an accessory. If you are someone who wants to add a little bling to your style then you might consider purchasing a classy leather G-Shock. These are quite expensive because they are not mass produced. When people go to purchase a G-Shock they want to buy one that is unique because of the materials that they are made from.

Scarcity & Limited

Some people like to collect watches. If this is the case then there are several different types of G-Shock watches to choose from. A popular type of G-Shock for collectors is the older design that has gold accents on it. These are usually priced a little lower because of the scarcity and limited quantities of these watches.

Date Function

When you are shopping at certain retailers online, you will have a chance to look at some more modern looking G-Shocks. There are some that are a bit more retro in nature. For example, there is a stainless steel watch that looks more futuristic that is being sold on Amazon for a nice price. Another cool G-Shock watch to check out online is the black dialed model that comes in silver. This watch has a big bold face that is covered in diamonds. Some have a date function that will allow you to set the date and receive a text message when it is off.

Same Price

You have to consider your budget when searching for the most expensive G-Shock. If you cannot afford the real thing then you may want to consider purchasing one of the many replica watches that are available online. There are a lot of these that look almost as good as the real thing. Although they are a lot less expensive you still will be paying the same price as that of the real thing. Whether you are looking for stainless steel or leather, there are many options to choose from.


The best way to find a G-Shock watch is to do your research online. There is an abundance of reviews on both the original G-Shock and the replica watches. Then once you have chosen which you think is the right watch you can head out and purchase it. No matter if you are a man or a woman you will be happy with the G-Shock that you choose. They make great everyday watches and even nicer dress ones.


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