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What Is Next for Travel Bloggers During the COVID Era?

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Traveling has changed considerably since Covid-19 happened. It affected everyone across the globe in multiple ways. It affected business owners, regular folks that want to plan a vacation, and travel bloggers such as Cedric Okiorina. For Cedric Okiorina, travelling during Covid has become even more difficult due to his personal traveling style.

How Covid Affected Cedric Okiorina

For the average folks, traveling is different. We usually limit our options to one destination. Out of all destinations, we usually go for locations that have the Covid outbreak under control. Even that will prove to be challenging because even if you manage to find a destination that has simple and clear travel instructions, you may need to go into quarantine once you return.

For travel bloggers like Cedric Okiorina, things are even more complicated because travelling during Covid means extensive planning. It can also lead to canceled flights, changes of plans, and undesired quarantine. When a travel blogger makes his itinerary, he needs to plan every single flight and destination. You need to go from one country to another. Also, because Cedric travels on a budget, he also needs to plan his trips months in advance. Planning flights months in advance enables bloggers like Cedric to save money on travel. Since Cedric is all about frugality and traveling on a budget, Covid makes this more challenging than ever.

The problems arise from the fact that most countries adjust their travel restrictions monthly. If one country may be open to tourists and does not require you to go on quarantine upon arrival now, things may be different next month. This type of uncertainty makes things very difficult to travel bloggers, including for Cedric. Uncertainty also leads to money lost by canceling flights and hotel stays. Since Cedric has a normal life and works for the better part of a year to save money on traveling, Covid makes this passion very difficult to manage. Cedric Okiorina travelling during Covid is extremely restrictive.

What is the Next Step for Cedric?

For bloggers like Cedric that have a normal life, things have changed drastically. Travelling during Covid is nearly impossible. This has triggered Cedric to discover a new passion. Like most travel bloggers, food is an important part of the journey. One of the many joys of traveling is experiencing foods and dishes from locals. The authenticity and discovery aspect of eating local food is important for Cedric as well. This passion works hand in hand with cooking. As traveling is difficult these days, Cedric also started to explore this passion for cooking. Like any home-cooking chef, Cedric created a blog to document his progression.

Certainly, things will get back to normal as the world recovers from Covid. Once traveling will be surrounded by less certainty, travel bloggers will become more active as well. Cedric is no exception. Travelling during Covid has been very difficult, he did remain active on his social media accounts. His passion for traveling has not died off and like everyone else, Cedric is patiently waiting for the day when things will get back to normal.

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