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Must-Know Things That You Can Do At Waterton Lakes National Park

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Nestled in the southwest corner of Alberta, Waterton Lakes spreads across the grasslands and mountains providing a park with a vast ecosystem. The Waterton Lakes National Park is a smaller version of Glacier National Park, with gorgeous lakes, rugged mountains, exciting hiking routes, and a tiny village to explore.

It’s the tiniest of the Canadian Rockies national parks, yet it is home to abundant animals, stunning scenery, and excellent hiking routes. There will never be a shortage of things to do in Waterton, and this guide will assist you in making the most of your visit.

A lot has been discussed below, suggesting the Waterton hotels for a happy stay to find the best Lakefront restaurant for a delicious meal.

1.    Travel to Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is undoubtedly the must-visit site in Waterton. There is a parkway that leads to the canyon, and cycling has been fun here. When you get to the colorful canyon, you may swim in the creek or stroll around on the paths. Cycling to Red Rock Canyon and back will take about an hour.

2.    Crypt Lake Hike

In 2014 and 2017, the National Geographic channel ranked Crypt Lake hike trail as one of the world’s 20 most thrilling trails. Go beyond four waterfalls, pass via an 18-meter tunnel, climb a ladder, and there you get to enjoy the beautiful Crypt Lake. 

3.    Where to Stay at Waterton

Getting a good night’s sleep to prepare for an exciting visit to the next site is important. Although there aren’t many choices in town, but those that are available are worth your money.

·       Waterton Glacier Suites

Dazzled with typical Canadian artwork and local handicrafts, Waterton Glacier Suites is the best hotel to stay in when you visit Waterton Lakes National Park. Various affordable hotel packages make your trip not just enjoyable but also pocket-friendly.

·       Bayshore Inn Resort & Spa

This rustic-looking family-owned hotel in Alberta is one of our favorite hotels to stay in Waterton.

Be it the bike rental stores, local shops, or the best restaurants in Waterton; almost everything is located a very short distance from the resort.

You can get access to the well-furnished deluxe suites, family suites, lakefront room, standard room, and romantic suite. Being one of the best accommodations in Waterton, Bayshore Inn ensures that its guests get to have a memorable time. They offer a very affordable hotel package to make it possible for you to experience the best in Waterton.

4.    Where to Eat at Waterton

The list of our favorite restaurants in Waterton includes the following:

·       Thirsty Bear Waterton

Being one of the best restaurants in Waterton,Thirsty Bear Waterton is here with a range of 12 local Alberta craft beers for its visitors. Party all night long and enjoy the live music events along with your friends at this amazing Waterton restaurant.

·       Lakeside Chop House

Delicious Alberta beef along with a beautiful view of Waterton Lakes – this is what Lakeside Chop House has for you.

It is the only lakefront restaurant that provides you with a patio to sit down and enjoy your lunch, breakfast, dinner, and also the afternoon cocktails.

·       Red Rock Trattoria

Wine and dine at the next best Waterton restaurant – Red Rock Trattoria.

After a fun and tiring day of exploring Waterton, you can unwind yourself to the yummiest Italian cuisine. You also get to sip on an incredible assortment of Italian wines, local beers, and other drinks.

5.    Stargazing

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) has designated Waterton Lakes National Park as a provisional International Dark Sky Park. Thus, one of the newest things to do in Waterton is to go on a stargazing trip with Dark Sky Guides.

Remember to not miss any of the spots mentioned above whenever you are in Waterton!


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