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Types of LED high bay lights for industries

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High bay lights are specifically for high bay areas. High bay got their name from high ceiling areas. These areas require powerful bright lighting to illuminate a vast indoor area which barely has any natural lighting source. Such areas are rather organised and designated for high end tasks which require a lot of lighting at all times of the day. Normal light fixtures can not provide the amount of lighting which these places require hence high bay lights are used.

What are high bay lights?

High bay light fixtures are linear or round lights for high ceiling areas. These fixtures are powerful enough to provide higher lumens. The fixture is durable enough to resist all fluctuating or harsh temperature conditions which affect the functionality of the fixture.

These factors are the presence of dirt, moisture, and temperature fluctuation. The fixture consist of:

–      Housing

The housing of the fixture is made up of aluminum or die cast aluminum so it is highly resistant and strong enough to hold fixtures of any length. Most high bay lights are 2-8 foot long. These light structures have to be big to create a uniform lighting pattern. The housing is IP rated due to which the structure stays resistant and the standard IP rating for high bay fixtures is IP65, IP66 and IP67.

–      Lens

The lens of the fixture plays an important role as it helps in spreading the light evenly across the surface. It is made up of polycarbonate or acrylic material as these two are highly resistant to breakage and even scratches.

–      Lamp

The lamps used in high bay lights have been HID or HPS lamps due to their power. They are brighter than fluorescent lights but all three of these traditional options have failed to live up to most standards for industrial spaces and other high ceiling areas.

–      Mounting brackets

The mounting brackets are present at the back of the fixture which provide support to the fixture and also allow installation of the fixture at different elevation levels. The fixture can both be surface mounted or suspend mounted.

Types of LED high bay light fixtures

LED high bay light fixtures are available in two major designs i.e linear and round high bay lights. There are several different types of high bay lights which you can see here. The basic structure is of two types:

–      Linear high bay lights

Linear high bay light fixtures are rectangular in most cases and vary in length. They are customisable for different applications. These fixtures are also pairable with different reflectors which allow specific spread of lighting for various spaces.

–      Round high bay lights

Round high bay light fixtures are smaller and are popularly called UFO high bay lights. They vary in diameter but are much smaller than linear high bay lights. The maximum diameter is 15-20m of a usual high bay light.

These lights are very powerful and mostly large fixtures are used in industries, exhibition centres, warehouses, docks,             and other areas. Whereas smaller round high bay lights have several applications around different areas like garages, hangars, stores etc.

Why is use of LED high bay lights recommended to business owners?

Traditional lighting has failed to meet the expectations of most business owners as the world is progressing. These demands include state of the art lighting technology which is ambient, longer lasting and durable. LED lights provide a lot of benefits when it comes to meeting the requirements of the business owners while also providing them an opportunity to apply safe and healthy practices in their businesses.

Few major upgrades of LED lighting are:

–      Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting being the first requirement is easily achievable by the use of LED lighting.

LEDs provide all the options such as customisable correlated colour temperature and higher CRI. The correlated colour temperature is selected on a kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K. It produces warm yellow to cool white daylight like light. Most large ceiling spaces like industries require 5000K to 6000K as it produces daylight like light and in such secluded spaces there is no natural light source and this kind of lighting is a need.

–      Higher efficiency

LED light fixtures are designed for efficiency and the main goal is to provide quality lighting without leeching off on resources. Instead, these light fixtures produce more light and consume only a fraction of energy. As per statistics, LEDs help save up to 80% of the energy while also producing better quality light which is uniform and adjustable.

This kind of lighting is also efficient in other ways as LED light fixtures produce directional lighting which is impartial to most traditional options. They disperse light in the surroundings while LED light fixtures have adjustable beam angles which create lighting in patterns and it hits the point of illumination directly. So there is no amount of light which is wasted and in this way the energy is saved.

–      Eco-friendly

LED lighting works on green lighting technology and it is highly essential in today’s world. The green lighting technology helps in reducing our carbon footprint and produces light with less glare. Glare lighting is quite obstructive in task based environments hence it is essential to have LED lighting which is safe and has a pleasant effect overall. Moreover, these light fixtures despite being powerful produce very little heat in the surroundings, they have an efficient heat sink.


In conclusion, LED high bay lighting is effective for industries and in contrast quite revolutionary when it comes to having a certain control over the type of lighting and how much it aligns with efficiency goals. Lighting conditions being a primary source of investment as well as capital have a direct impact on integrity of the business hence it is essential to make reasonable and progressive choices which bring ease in day to day function.


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