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Top 4 Reasons Why Solar Energy Should Be Your Top Choice For Electricity Generation

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Solar energy is acquired from the sun rays which are then converted to electricity or heat. This energy is free of cost and easily available to all. Thanks to Solar panel manufacturers for providing such easy access to energy through technological advancements. You might be familiar with the fact that solar energy cuts cost or energy bills, reduces pollution, and is eco-friendly in other ways too, but solar energy is much more than that. There are some interesting facts and benefits to know about solar energy that will encourage you to adopt it. Go on to find out.

Interesting facts about solar power

  • Russell Ohl discovered the first solar panel cell in 1941, but it was put up professionally by Bell laboratories in 1954. For the first time, someone invented a solar panel with a photovoltaic effect to create electric current from sun rays.
  • Solar panels produce power without direct sunlight. Solar panels capture different parts of the sun, with a light spectrum making it accessible even on cloudy days. If the sun is directly not throwing the light on the panels or its hues are not reflecting from the sky, still the energy is being captured and utilized by the solar panel cells to produce power.
  • The solar panels accumulate energy for less time but generate it for longer. Solar panels transform energy in two different ways; photovoltaic and solar thermal power. Photovoltaic generates power for electricity and solar thermal generates power for heating. 1 hour of energy collection can serve you for a 1-long year. All it requires is a cord that transforms the energy from Point A to Point B and powers up all your energy requirements.
  • A solar-powered home can reduce CO2 emissions. Solar power translates to clean energy production and reduces the carbon footprint because it doesn’t emit the same pollution as other energy sources. An average U.S household with a solar power system reduces eight pounds of sulfur dioxide, five pounds of nitrogen dioxide, and 1400 pounds of carbon dioxide every month.
  • Solar energy is measured using Kilowatt-hours (kWh) Many of the solar panels have approximately 225-watt capacities and on average generate 20-watts per sq. ft.
  • Solar power installation in the US has increased 23 times more than what it was 8-years back. The USA is currently the third-largest solar market in the world. The prices of solar energy have dropped down which is the primary reason why Americans are adopting it.

If you have not adopted the use of solar energy for electricity generation and finding the motivation to do so, then check out the benefits below. The benefits of solar energy are as follows:-

  • Easy to install

It can be installed anywhere in both horizontal and vertical spaces. The system offers modularity and flexibility that facilitates small-scale installation and can be expanded at any given time. Along with this, it also adds the possibility of providing electricity in remote locations.

  • Reduces electricity bill

The sun-produced energy significantly cuts the cost that makes you less dependent on an electricity supplier. It is an ever-lasting source of energy that doesn’t fluctuate as per the market trends or speculations. Also, it doesn’t require any additional maintenance and usage costs. The technological advances have also led to a significant drop in prices, due to low-cost in manufacturing.

  • Positive Impact on the environment

Solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment. It hardly requires any maintenance which in turn generates less waste. It doesn’t produce greenhouse gases which in turn prevents air and water pollution. Solar energy production does not create any noise which is a major benefit.

Solar energy is much more than just a source of heat and electricity. Economically, it can not only benefit you but your country as well. The more people adopt it, the more it will be beneficial. The installation of panels requires a lot of human effort which can generate employment and positively boost the economy.

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