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The process of developing and selling fonts

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In this web journal, I want to walk you through the process for making modern fonts. I want to tell you what it was like to create a font, to get one designed, ’cause I know it’s something that a lot of designers think about doing. It’s definitely something that I had on my mind for a long time before I made it. And I also want to tell you about some of the decisions that I made when it came to marketing and selling the font. So if you’ve been thinking about making modern fonts yourself, this blog post will give you an overview of the process and a couple of pointers of what to expect along the way.

When I first started thinking about wanting to make a font, one of the first active step in making my font was to decide on what the letter forms should look like.

What kind of font did I want to make?

To decide this, I just started sketching in Procreate, writing out different phrases and different styles, seeing what felt right, seeing what I liked, and what I thought I personally would use. In the end, I decided on this really blocky sans-serif, written with a marker pen, kind of based on my own handwriting, but a much, neater version of my own handwriting. And I decided on this because I thought it looked one of the cool modern fonts and like something that I would use, but also because for a first font I thought tackling a sans-serif might be a little easier than working with a script, where I’d have to get all the letters, like, linking up and things like that. That seemed way more complex. And so I thought that starting with the sans-serif would be a good idea for the first go.

Even once I decided on the style though, there was still the process of writing the letters out over and over again to get the shapes that I wanted. But finally, when I had one of each character written how I wanted, how I liked, I brought it all into Illustrator as a JPEG and ran an image trace on it. But if you have ever used Illustrator and image trace before, you’ll know that it doesn’t produce great vectors, and I wanted this font to be something that I’m really proud of.


In the event that you don’t approach the Creative Cloud, you’ll need to buy fonts style or many. Buying a business text style qualifies you for explicit text style utilizes, like business. Be that as it may, every creator’s text style consent is unmistakable.

A text based style license is frequently bought for a particular work, like a client’s booklet. The utilization of the abstract style might be confined by the consent. It’s conceivable that your organizer can utilize it for however many exercises as they like, yet they will not give you the printed style to use in different tasks. Subsequently, numerous originators remember the cost to buy fonts for the arrangement cost on the off chance that it should be obvious to coordinate with your home character, or style, guide.

Some standard approval requirements review the quantity of PCs for which the text based style might be introduced, autonomous of whether the text style can be moved to a specialist for use on a site or associated with a multi-application group.

You might contend that the entirety of this data is astounding, yet I’ll keep on utilizing text based styles the manner in which I generally have – for any purpose, paying little heed to consent. Emphatically, text based styles are one of the most handily duplicated and migrated bits of code on the Internet.


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