List of Different Types of Chemicals Used for a Successful Pest Control Brampton

Do you wish to have your house be completely free from the attack of pests? Have you ever thought about having your house or office property to avoid facing pests attacks? Well, it is quite common to encounter pest attacks throughout the whole season. To get rid of them permanently, it is advised to take immediate help from the professional services of pest control Brampton.

But do you know what sort of chemicals is used by the pest control companies for the whole process? Let’s discuss it below!


Sprayers are helpful to spread the chemicals directly and yet they are made for a wide range of surfaces such a lawn, floor, or wall areas. A few of the most common forms of sprayers are stainless steel, poly materials as well as special ones which are constructed for the tasks involving acid, industrial, or various concrete materials. You can reuse or rinse them with various types of chemicals where we have the best alternative to use the cart sprayer or the backpack.

Granular Spreaders

Granular spreaders are available in the drop as well as broadcast options. These drop spreaders are yet to drop over the amount of the particles out of the bottom side of the containers. You can choose it for dropping the granules which are small and light.

Bait Guns

Next, we have bait guns which are commonly used for themice control Brampton. It is best used to easily dispense gel poisons. Kits are available with gel reservoirs where they are capable of holding a wide range of boxes that are full of poison. Plus they are also effective to easily reach the crevices, as well as cracks and other corners where you experience the presence of bugs.

Fogging Equipment

Fogging equipment will attack the pests through fogging poison and will be able to spread at the far off distance into the air. Based on the model, you can figure out how much power it can show results. This poison is available in the form of fog which is made from very small micron-sized particles. 

You can use this chemical for the areas which are larger in measures. Some of the units will be able to cover thousands of cubic feet per minute!  Few of the best devices can easily handle water as well as oil-based liquids. For commercial purposes, we will highly recommend it.

Bug Vacuums

For the excellent raccoons control Brampton, using the bug vacuum is the best option for you. This device is meant to suck the bugs as well as eliminating them permanently. Currently, most of the vacuums are lightweight and they are also attached to the components in which the pests are removed in just a few minutes.

Aerosol Dispensers

Last but not least we have aerosol dispensers! They are favorite among the household and are not too much used by pest control companies. But still they are considered to be so much effective for the control of bugs inside bathroom or kitchen areas.  

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