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Sourcing Products on Alibaba to Sell on Amazon

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Alibaba is the largest online marketplace in the world. If you know where to look it can prove to be a profitable goldmine when you are looking for products to sell on Amazon.

It is a rising power from the East that can provide lucrative opportunities to source products for Amazon. But, Alibaba can be risky and you need to select your products carefully. This guide will show you how to safely and effectively source products from Alibaba for sale on Amazon.

What is Alibaba?

Alibaba is a huge marketplace that has millions of products and suppliers. Alibaba harnesses China’s vast internet population and provides a great private label option for Amazon sellers. This is a great way to get products at a discount that are not available on Amazon.

This platform has its flaws. Alibaba has a good reputation, but that does not mean there aren’t people who would love to take you on a ride. It is a good idea only to work with gold members for safety. They are likely to be a trusted supplier and pay Alibaba a fee in order to rank higher in search results.

Decide what to sell

First, decide what products you want to sell. If you sell products that are being sold wholesale by others on Amazon, you won’t make huge profits. Look for something that is unique and fills a need in the market, or offers a reasonable extension of your existing product lines.

Avoid branded products. Alibaba is a platform that allows you to source generic items that have not yet been purchased by a brand. It is possible to see the brand name of a company on Alibaba. This means that it is likely to be counterfeit.

To know more about how to buy on alibaba and sell on amazon FBA.Checkout this guide.

Request for quotes

There are several ways to find potential suppliers. First, and most importantly, you can issue a general request to quote. You can go to the tab titled Sourcing Solutions and submit an RFQ (request of quotes).

  • Keywords to search for products: All keywords that may be relevant to the product you are looking for.
  • Detail description: Give a more detailed description of what you are looking for. Also, include the quantity you are looking for.

Direct messages

Send messages directly to people selling the products you are interested in. You can search for a product to find a list of possible options.

You can then contact the sellers to express your interest in their product. It is important to ask about shipping costs, where they ship from and how many they can supply. To ensure that you are 100% certain the item is genuine, ask for a photograph of it.

To save time, you can create a template that you can reuse.

You should ensure that you are buying from a legitimate source. It is best to buy directly from the manufacturer and not through a reseller. You can tell if you are talking to a reseller by the following signs: These signs could include:

  • Many items are not related: Having a lot of items that have no connection is an indication they are just trying to buy products and turn them around.
  • No documents available Request official documents like ISO 9001. They should be happy to give them if they are legitimate.
  • They don’t want you visiting: Make arrangements to visit. It doesn’t matter where you live. They will show you around if they have a factory. They will most likely make excuses if they are not a factory.

Being secure

You will feel more secure if you use gold suppliers. To ensure your security, check to see if the supplier offers Alibaba’s Trade Assurance program. This program reduces the risk of purchasing on the platform by guaranteeing that the money will be refunded if the supplier does not meet the terms.

It is a smart idea to Google potential suppliers when you are trying to identify them. An established supplier will have at least one online presence. You must ensure that they are legitimate and established.

It’s a good idea for you to have a Skype conversation with the seller before you start negotiating. This will allow you to communicate face-to-face. Get a photo of the product to confirm its existence and ensure it is in good condition.

Negotiate and buy

After you’ve completed these steps, you should now have a complete list of potential suppliers from which to choose. Sort them into various categories, such as okay, good, bad, and questionable. The ones that are in the “bad” category should be discarded. Keep the contact information of anyone listed as questionable and contact everyone on the good and okay list.

Choose several potential suppliers to choose from. You will be able to negotiate the final terms of your contract and price. This platform allows you to haggle. The quoted price is rarely what the supplier expects. Be careful not to negotiate a low price that makes it difficult for manufacturers to put your product together.

Getting it from China

Shipping the items from China – either to yourself or straightforwardly to Amazon – will be a logistical test in itself. Shipping straightforwardly to Amazon takes less time and maintains a strategic distance from middle man costs, however it can cause issues. The supplier should bundle it to Amazon’s specifications. Much relies upon your communication with the Chinese supplier. In the event that they neglect to make it up to Amazon’s specifications you could confront some significant issues. 

You could likewise pick a middle man. There are loads of these individuals who are accustomed to prepping for Amazon. They offer more noteworthy reassurance that the item will be bundled accurately for Amazon’s specifications and offer you the chance to review the item, yet they will add time and cost. 

You will likewise have to make sure that the item conforms to wellbeing and import regulations inside your country.

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