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Snap Planets: A Guide to Exploring the Universe on Snapchat 

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Snapchat, undoubtedly is the most used social media platform among the youth or specifically we can say among Gen Z. The major reason behind this popularity is the interesting and unique features the platform offers to the users. 

Today, we are going to talk about one such feature which is appreciated by Instagram users a lot. We are talking about ‘Snapchat Planets’. The feature is only available for premium members till now, which allots a planet to your close friends. 

Snapchat Planets – Friends Solar System on Snapchat 

If you are a premium member of Snapchat, you must be aware of the Snap Planets feature which is available on the platform. It is similar to the real-world solar system where planets revolve around the sun. 

The only difference in the snapchat planet feature is that you are the sun, and your closest friends of yours on the snapchat platform are assigned one planet each based on the number of streaks you have with them on the platform. 

Order and meaning of the Snapchat Planets

Now, that you have a little bit idea of what the snapchat planets are we’ll take you further in this blog to tell you about the orders of the planets and their meanings. Similar to the real solar system, here also the closest friend is assigned to Mercury planet followed by other planets. 

  1. Mercury 

Mercury is the very first planet in the Snap planets solar system representing your first close friend. The planet is shown in red colour with 5 hearts surrounding it. 

  1. Venus 

The second comes Venus, which is allocated to the second close friend of yours on Snapchat. Venus is represented in a light-brown colour with blue, pink and yellow hearts around it. 

  1. Earth 

The third planet you have on the Snapchat planet Solar system is Earth shown in the same colour as the real Earth which is green and blue with stars, red hearts and a moon revolving around it. Your third best friend on Snapchat is given this planet. 

4. Mars 

Representing your fourth closest friend on the platform, Mars is the fourth planet. The planet is in red just like Mercury but has stars along with purple and blue hearts around it. 

  1. Jupiter 

Since snapchat planets are just like the real planets in the solar system, it is represented in reddish-orange colours and dark orange strips with stars moving around them. Jupiter is allocated to your fifth best friend you have on the platform. 

  1. Saturn 

Coming to our sixth planet given to your sixth best friend, Saturn is a denoted in orange colour with a ring and stars surrounding it just like the real Saturn planet. 

  1. Uranus 

Uranus corresponds to your seventh best friend and the planet has a beautiful green colour on Snapchat and with no hearts or stars around it like other planets. 

  1. Neptune 

Coming to the last planet of snap planets, Neptune is your eighth closest Snapchat friend. Just like the real Neptune in the Solar system, it is in blue colours on snapchat. 

We are sure after reading this blog you have been able to decode what the planets alloted to your friends mean on Snapchat planet solar system. 


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