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Rotating Telehandlers- Requirement, Application, and Uses

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Modern construction sites need equipment that is efficient to carry or lift loads and workers to a required height. The telehandlers are one of the most efficient and effective machines for lifting and placing loads from one point to another. Undoubtedly, rotating telehandlers are also one of the special pieces of equipment needed by construction companies. It was developed in the late 1900s and became popular worldwide in a very short period of time. When compared to a fixed telehandler, the body of the rotating telehandlers are stationary and the boom can be rotated to 360 degrees. It is a useful machine to lift and carry loads in a tight access project. Here are several reasons as to why the rotating telehandler is must equipment on a construction site:

High Degree of Versatility:

Versatility means the functionality of the machine to perform several activities. The rotating telehandler is a versatile equipment that means it carries the capacity to conduct multiple function in a single machine. It performs the role of telehandlers, crane, and access platform in one machine making it efficient for several uses. With many essential functions in a single setup, a rotating telehandler is a money-saving machine. It also saves your time and space on the site. Also, there are many attachments to fix and make it more versatile. It must be purchased by the construction giants rather than hiring it for some time. It simplifies your time-consuming work.


When it comes to quality, safety, price, and productivity, a rotating telehandler is the most demanded equipment for construction. Since they can be rotated to 360 degrees, it can lift loads to a limited height. However, they can lift height up to 30 meters (105 feet). It is the maximum height that a rotating telehandler can reach on the construction site. Different telehandlers have different reach capacities as it is especially used for congested construction areas.  

Precise Work:

The machinery of a rotating telehandler has intuitive and ergonomic dual joystick control that offer precision in the lifting work to a height. Since they offer precision, it becomes easy for the operator to work in a tight area or a small construction site having limited space. It offers a high standard of accuracy at any height, thus decreasing the probability of onsite accidents. Since there is efficient distribution of load on a height, it gives no scope for any damage or accidents.

It ensures safety:

The operators need rigorous training sessions to operate the rotating telehandler. The adjustable outriggers provide stability and proper distribution of the load making it safe to lift loads at a height. There are no chances of a fall accident as they are built to handle tough terrains, all-around visibility to ensure the safety of the operator, personnel on-site, and the pedestrians. It automatically detects overload conditions and warns the operator to stop lifting loads than its capacity.

It handles your project demands:

Every construction site generates a demand for machines/equipment that can be used for several purposes. Sites have a requirement of such machines that can carry loads, lift workers to a height, machines for maintenance work, etc. In this technical age, you cannot implement several machines or every individual work. You need a solution or such machinery which is efficient and can function for more than one machine. So, is the rotating telehandler. Whether it is a railway yard with dumps of iron load or a construction site where loads need to be moved from point A to point B; you can rely on the telehandlers and their variations without giving a second thought to their efficiency and accuracy.

Check the Technical Specifications and the Construction Site:

Either you rent it for some time or you purchase it for your regular construction projects; do check the technical specifications of rotating telehandlers. Every construction site or area is not the same. There can be a difference in the size, requirement, and type of work. You can hire or purchase a huge telehandler with higher specifications but if the construction site is small with the limited task, it cannot display its efficiency. Likewise, if the construction area is large, you cannot use a small telehandler of less specification. It will have no worth in terms of use and efficiency. Moreover, you will record a rise in the maintenance cost of the rotating telehandler.

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