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Pros and Cons of Cantilever Racking

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So, you own a warehousing as well as logistics company that handles sturdy and bulky goods. If you want to make sure that your operations are as effective, efficient, and safe as they can be, it’s best to invest in a cantilever racking system that’s going to complement your forklifts and other lifting equipment. The said system is incredibly useful in a warehouse environment because it allows you to free up more space and fully take advantage of your available vertical space. 

On the one hand, a cantilever racking system is a major upgrade compared to traditional shelves and racks. On the other hand, it also comes with a couple of limitations and it’s best to take note of them to determine if it’s a smart addition to your logistics facility or otherwise. Without further ado, check out the pros and cons of a cantilever racking system. 

The pros

  • Ideal for long items

For starters, a cantilever racking system is ideal if your warehouse is filled with long items such as lumber, metal pipes, PVC pipes, and so on. With the said system, you can load and unload them with ease and without compromising safety. 

  • Makes inventory organized 

Unlike other racking systems that are ready-made and cannot be modified, cantilever shelving can be customized to allow you to achieve more space. Because of this quality, you can keep your inventory organized, separated, and easily accessible when necessary. Further boosting productivity and efficiency in the process. 

  • Adds versatility to your warehouse

Aside from being able to store a number of items, you can move it around to meet your facility’s ever-changing inventory needs. All these can be done in a breeze; allowing you to finish tasks without spending too much time along the way.

  • Easy to install

Imagine this: you have a shipment that arrived early and you don’t have available racking systems to store them? This can be inconvenient and detrimental to your operations. The good thing is you can easily order a cantilever racking system and have it installed by your employees or by the personnel of the company where you purchased it.

It’s rather easy to install and configure because it does not have actual shelves. With this, adjusting the angle of the arms and height can be done in half the time. Because of this, you can make alterations every once in a while and improve your facility’s accessibility and productivity. 

The cons

  • A bit costly

Versatility, organization, safety, and everything in between comes with a price. But you can be rest assured that it is going to be worth it. Remember, there’s a reason why cantilever racking systems cost significantly higher. You’re paying for something that can improve business operations without compromising your welfare and that of your employees. 

  • It’s not for pallets

If you regularly store pallets in your warehouse, then a cantilever racking system is probably not for you and you’re going to be better off utilizing a selective pallet racking or drive-in racking system. 

Summing up

A cantilever racking system in Singapore is a worthwhile purchase that can complement your company’s long-term and short-term goals. However, it is not for everybody and by familiarizing its pros and cons, you can make a sound decision that fits your needs, preferences, and everything in between. 


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