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Pool Resurfacing Options: Which Material Is Best for You?

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Pool resurfacing can be beneficial for many reasons. But it also requires enough budget. If your swimming pool needs a lot of repairs, you should spend more money than expected. Also, if you like to add other renovation jobs, such as pool decking, this can add to the total cost.

But if you let your Orlando pool service contractor like Professional Aquatic Service do the entire work for you, they can surely provide you with discounts and a lot of options to choose from. Whether you want to save costs or want to get the best pool resurfacing there is, this contractor can serve your needs.

Not to worry because pool resurfacing is a popular and trusted pool remodeling and repair option for swimming pool owners. If you are planning to revamp your pool’s condition, look, and extend its lifespan, pool resurfacing is ideal for you. Another important consideration is the material to use in the process. But as of now, if you still cannot decide which material to choose for this service, here is a brief guide on the options available:


This material is the most common option for pool resurfacing because it is durable and affordable. Plaster is also referred to as Whitecoat or Marcite. Perfect for concrete, it helps in making sure that the pool looks sleek and clean. There are also many colors to choose from.


While the paint is known to be a band-aid option for your pool, it can be a good option if your pool is not that old and is still in a good condition. Paint as a pool resurfacing option is not a long-term option but it is a cost-effective solution for your pool.


If you have extra money for a more expensive option, you can go for tiles. Because this needs labor and the materials cost more than the previous options, you need more than enough cash to spend for your pool resurfacing.


This material is a contemporary choice that many are curious about. It is known to be a trendy option today. Aggregate is a combination of quartz, pebbles, or plaster. This is very aesthetically pleasing, colorful, and guaranteed durable. This is, however, another costly option if you choose it for your pool resurfacing. And because it is rough, you are sure that your pool is slip-resistant.


This material also looks stunning for pools. While this has not been the favorite so far, it catches the homeowner’s attention. Fiberglass as an option for your pool resurfacing can be great whether you have a concrete or plaster pool. This is also a long-lasting coat, so you sure have a lot to save when you choose this option.

Whichever material you choose, it is best to talk to your trusted pool service contractor. For residents of Orlando and nearby areas, you have Professional Aquatic Services to guide you along the way. The contractors here are experts in pool resurfacing. Check out their portfolio to see how they can transform your swimming and improve its condition and overall look.


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