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Pest Control Altona: How to Get Rid of Pests and Keep Them Away

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Why you need pest control services

Whether your problem is termites, rodents or flying insects, keeping pests at bay is an essential part of keeping your home and possessions safe and clean. • Termites: If you have a leaky roof or foundation cracks, pests could be living under the soil. • Rodents: Rodents are a big problem throughout Australia – whether they are wild or domestic. If there’s food to be had they’re sure to be getting into your house and causing damage. • Flying insects: Flying insects are known for being lazy and easily get onto your property. They do carry diseases such as mosquitoes and the human skin disease ‘Tick-Borne Diseases’. Pest Control Altona: How we service We have a small, friendly team of local Pest Control Altona experts who are fully trained, licensed and insured.

What makes Regional Pest Control different

Pests are a continual problem in suburbs all around Melbourne, with a variety of species causing problems with the environment and our personal health. We have hundreds of different pest species that range in size and cause different problems – so our team goes to great lengths to ensure you’re never affected by an unwanted pest again. To get your pest control done by Regional Pest Control, you don’t need to stress about whether or not we’re experienced enough, or whether we can treat pests and keep them out of your home. We only treat pests and let them pass.

What are the pests affecting Altona?

Rice Bugs: Feral pests in garden centres are the most common way these tiny creatures enter homes. Fortunately, there are simple and non-toxic ways to protect your home against them. The recommended solution is to keep your gutters clean and be sure to seal any gaps around the base of the house. Apply extra WD40 to any cracks in the wall. Finally, protect your ceilings and walls from dust and water damage by using blackout blinds and paint over areas of old wallboard. Mosquito infestation: Westfield Altona is no different from any other urban centre with a large influx of people, combined with the absence of an adequate drainage system. A lot of residents in the area are using drones and air conditioning units on hot days to keep the mosquitos at bay.

How to keep pests away for good

Our Pest Control Altona team can work with you to prevent infestations before they start. Our expert professionals are able to remove all of the steps required to rid your home of the pesky pests, no matter how extensive your pest problem. Ready for a pest control quote?


If your home or business has any type of pest problems, don’t panic. Our Pest Control Altona can get rid of your pests with expert extermination, all over your home or business. Our dedicated pest control Altona will always keep your home and business safe from these pests, and your family will love it when we’re done!


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