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Optimize Your Guardian: A Guide to Using Destiny Armor Picker

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Destiny Armor Picker is an invaluable tool for optimizing your guardian’s gear and builds. Properly utilizing this app can help you assemble loadouts tailored to excel in any PvE or PvP activity. This guide will walk through how to get the most out of destiny 2 armour picker to elevate your performance.

Link Accounts for Full Profile Access

Start by linking your Destiny accounts so destiny 2 armour picker can access your full profile and inventory data. This allows the app to make recommendations based on the exact weapons and armor you have available. Link your Bungie.net account to enable cross-platform functionality. For convenience, also connect accounts for Destiny companion apps like Destiny Item Manager and Little Light. This enables seamlessly equipping loadouts.

Select Your Activity and Objective

Destiny Armor Picker provides tailored suggestions based on what activity you are targeting. Choose from options like raids, Nightfalls, Trials of Osiris, Gambit or general PvE and PvP. Further customize for a specific raid encounter or Nightfall modifier. Select your objective such as DPS, ad clear or support. Inputting this context informs recommendations to align with your goal.

Pick Your Subclass and Exotics

The foundation of any build is your subclass path and equipped exotic armor pieces. Select your chosen exotic armor if you have a preference, as destiny 2 armour picker will optimize your legendary gear around it. Choosing your exact subclass tree also allows matching that energy type and build focus. This gives the app a starting point for its suggestion algorithm.

Evaluate Gear Recommendations

Destiny Armor Picker will generate legendary armor recommendations to complement your exotics and subclass. Look through these suggested pieces and mods focusing on the highlighted perks that synergize with your build goals. Tweak the weighting sliders to emphasize stats, perks, or mods you specifically want to optimize for. Favor gear with spikes in the key stats you need.

Modify Loadout for Team Composition

For group activities, input your full fireteam composition to improve synergy. Destiny Armor Picker will suggest adjustments to create a well-rounded team. For example, if your team lacks a void subclass, it may recommend you fill that gap. Make tweaks to build complementary loadouts between teammates, like having one focus on ad clear and another on DPS.

Customize Based on Your Playstyle

Dial in recommendations even further by indicating your preferred playstyle and exotic choices. For example, highlight a preference for damage perks versus ability regen perks. If you prefer an add clear playstyle, this will weight mobilty and discipline higher in stat suggestions. Set exotics like The Huckleberry or Sunbracers as must-haves and destiny 2 armour picker  will build optimal loadouts including them.

Review Recommended Weapons

While armor is the main focus, destiny armour picker also suggests ideal weapons to complete your loadout synergy. Provide details on what weapons you plan to run so it can fill missing elemental coverage or range options. For example, it may recommend an arc sniper to pair with a void shotgun and solar heavy. Review these weapon ideas as part of your overall build.

Iterate and Tweak

Go through a few iterations of tweaking your prioritization sliders and objectives to find your ideal setup. For example, try alternating between optimizing for discipline versus intellect. Review how this shifts recommended pieces and stats to align with your priorities. Iterate until the suggested loadout matches your desired playstyle and activity goals.

Export and Equip Loadout

When satisfied with your optimized build, export it to easily equip the full loadout through linked Destiny apps. No tedious searching through your vault to gather each piece! Send optimized PvP and PvE loadouts to your inventory to seamlessly switch on the fly. Equip the synergy-focused loadout before tackling any challenging activity.

Visit the Community Forum

Head to the destiny armour picker forums to discuss builds, theory crafting and meta trends. Find inspiration from other users’ loadout guides. Leverage the community’s collective insights to refine your own configurations and gain knowledge. Veteran players are happy to provide tips to new users looking to optimize their guardian.

Keep Loadouts Updated

Be sure to periodically re-run your builds after balance patches, new exotic releases or seasonal artifact mods. The Destiny meta is always evolving so loadout optimization is an ongoing exercise. Destiny 2 armour picker incorporates the latest community testing and theorycrafting to stay on top of changes. Keep pace with the state of play by regularly re-optimizing as sandbox and gear shifts happen.


Destiny Armor Picker provides invaluable guidance on tailoring high-performance PvE and PvP builds. Input your mode, goal, gear and preferences for expert recommendations. Iterate and customize to align with your playstyle and fireteam needs. Equip synergistic loadouts through linked apps and keep optimizing as the meta evolves. By leveraging destiny armour picker , you can bring your A-game into any activity and maximize your guardian’s potential.


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