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Most frequently asked questions about an air fryer

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Already own an air fryer or just bought one? These frequently asked questions will help you know more about it as well as various techniques to cook your favorite food. Look at the few questions that are recently asked by most of the buyers to buy the best air fryer in India.

What’s an air fryer?

An air fryer is a table-top kitchen appliance that makes a great addition to your kitchen. You can fry food items with it using very little oil (nearly as much as few drops depending on the food item). It’s like a microwave oven, using heat convection with a metal coil, it makes perfectly crispy and properly cooked food without using a lot of oil. It functions as an oven and that’s why it can also be used to grill or roast foods like chicken, fish, kebabs, cheese sandwiches, samosas, etc.

Is it healthy as compared to deep frying?

Since it takes less amount of oil, like 85 to 95 percent lesser than deep-frying, it’s healthier. With just a small amount of oil or butter, you can make delicious, mouth-watering, savory fried items like grilled chicken wings, chicken nuggets, chips, french fries, tortillas, and much more without gaining extra calories. Food fried in air fryers taste very good, and the greatest thing is that there will be no oil dripping from your French fries.

Do I need to preheat it?

Preheating is done in an oven 19 to 15 minutes before baking something, that’s not the case with an air fryer. There is no need for an air fryer to be pre-heated as it heats pretty quickly. It will take the same time to cook food, won’t matter if you pre-heat it or not. It heats faster than an oven.

Is it energy efficient?

Of course, it is! Without the need to pre-heat, it takes less time to get your frying job done. And yes, while buying one, make sure to check out the energy star rating. It will be best if you get one with a 5-star rating. More stars mean more energy savings.

How much is the capacity of an air fryer?

Air fryer holding capacity ranges from 1.0-2.0 quarts for individuals to bigger and bulkier 16.0 quarts for restaurants. If you are an individual and want a compact and low capacity, 1.0 or 2.0 is good enough.

If you are a family, 3.0 to 5.8 quart is good to go as it can serve 2 to 6 people easily and makes snacks and meals. 5.8 sized can cook a whole chicken with more compartments and can bake.

6.0 Or 10.5 to 16.0 quart is good for small to medium-scale commercial purposes as it can do baking, roasting, pizzas, etc. 16.0 is especially quite bigger capacity and mostly preferred for larger families or cooking in bulk.

Do I need any extra items for an air fryer?

Most of the air fryers come with grills, pans, and racks. So you won’t need to buy anything extra.

How do I keep my air fryer clean?

Drawers and baskets of many air fryers are generally safe to wash, the main parts of the air fryer should be cleaned regularly as food residual and splatters may burn later and start to smell and smoke. Please read the user-manual and clean-up instructions. Turn your air fryer upside-down and clean with some detergent soaked cloth and wipe the inside dry, and make sure there is no water left inside and turn it on for a while to let it dry out from inside.

What if my air fryer is malfunctioning?

If your product is under warranty, contact the product supplier and get the product replaced or fixed. Remember, you can only claim a warranty for manufacturing defects and technical faults. Any physical damage due to mishandling will not be covered. Otherwise, take your air fryer to your nearest service center or an authorized repair shop nearby. Alert! Do not try to open it and fix it yourself or you may get zapped!


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